Exercise and sciatica

I am getting on quite well with my healthy regime and weight loss ,and am finding the gym a great boost now ,the only problem is I have been struggling with my sciatica since last year and some days it is quite bad. I had thot the gym and core exercises would have calmed it down but its still there altho no worse. I am trying not to take pills unless needed any one got any suggestions ,I am careful at the gym and know I can do more if it would settled down.  :-(


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9 Replies

  • Would your gym instructor approve resistance exercises that directly affect the muscles around the sciatic nerve, such as squats, lunges or deadlifts, with a weight that ensures it is difficult to complete a set of 8 reps, then rest 3 seconds and do a final rep?

  • I am managing the lunges and deadlifts fine it doesn't seem to bother it , maybe it will gradually ease off over the next few months  as I strengthen up a bit I am only 6 weeks in to exercise plan .Its just a right nuisance.

  • You may be able to increase the weight a little, if strength allows without jeopardising form or safety. Look to develop the muscles' strength, and consequently support. Improvement should occur in days, not months. 

    Are you doing each exercise at least once every four days?

    Do you bend your knees with the deadlifts?

  • yes ,I go 3 times a week ,and have  a good  lifting technique .Its mornings that are the main problem seem to cease up through the night .

  • I've not had sciatica myself but my dad had it and he found a series of sessions with a chiropractor helped him a lot.

  • think that might be on the cards if it doesn't ease off I am giving it a few more weeks , thanks

  • Your attitude is great and you are clearly going to find something that works. Are you getting sciatica during gym sessions or later on? If it is the latter then think a bit about the times of day you exercise and what you go on to do afterwards. Try a "sciatica diary" and see if you can find the triggers. 

  • Never thot of that thanks

  • Hi Dish70.  Sciatica is really dire.  I do Pilates at a class run by my Physiotherapist.  I have identified some movements that set it off and dropped them from my workout.  She has given me some exercises to do regularly at home.  There are also some good ones on the NHS website.  It's a misery but there are remedial things you can do to ease matters.  Mind you - I am hyper careful to avoid relapses.  Hope you get some relief soon.  

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