Loving new exercise bike

Just an update on my recent post. We bought a Viavito Satori from Sweatband. Ordered Thursday morning, delivered Friday teatime! Very impressed as deliveries can take days to reach NE Scotland. Unpacked and assembled in just over an hour, including 40 minutes struggling to attach handles!!! Lol 😂

Had first proper ride this morning, 10km in just under 20 minutes, feel tired but not exhausted, feel like it was a proper cardio workout which is problematic for me with ankle problem. 😊

One happy bunny 😊 Lots of KMs for challenge, and I will be fit to cycle in Spain with my sister in May 😊


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15 Replies

  • Glad to know your exercise plan is going so well.  Maybe you can "cycle to Spain" to meet Sis with your kilometres?  Or to the airport.  Getting a little bit nearer on your imaginary journey each day.  

  • That's such a good idea 😊 I'm really liking the 5x50 which logs your totals, amazing how they clock up! May not make the 2000 Kim's needed but I may get to Paris which is about half way 😊

  • Oh I'm full of good ideas Anna61.  It's application of those ideas to self that fails me!  Still managed just over 5k steps yesterday, which is a real achievement for the current version of Venus.  Oh how a few mechanical faults can take you off the road.  Have to learn to do it all over again.  Especially as I want to plan a walking around holiday for the summer.  

  • Sure you can do it! Slowly and surely 😊 

    I am slowly building up my walking, managed 3.5 k yesterday 😊 I love to be outside in the sunshine 😊 Where are you going on holiday? 

  • That's well on the way to 5k, which must feel like a landmark?  I have just looked at the pedometer.  I go with steps because the big number cheers me up.  It translates to about 2 miles.  Yes, I am still using old money!  Felt like less as it was very rambling and included a stop for coffee.  I need to get back to being happy with 11 miles, because I go to the Edinburgh Fringe and Festivals every year and see 6-8 shows a day, and I need to be fit enough to walk very fast between them or the timetabling runs well past midnight.  I can only do late or early not both these days.  The partying had to stop some time!  

  • Love Edinburgh festival!! Not been up to it last couple of years. Your right, you do need to be fit, but de-hydration rarely a problem!!! Lol 😂😂😂

  • Ah now you're talking!  As long as you keep away from the deep fried haggis balls (puir wee thing!) and the rest of the traditional Scottish post pub fare.  Have you noticed that Edinburgh doesn't believe in skimmed milk?  One barista on the ground floor of the entry told me to my face that "we call semi skimmed milk skimmed, because it isn't proper milk". I call this not so skinny latte unpaid for was the only response I could think of.  The bar in the basement, has better coffee and skimmed.  So I took my custom elsewhere.  And now I bad mouth them to anyone who I can corner!   Idiots!  

  • This is so motivating, all these positive posts are keeping me going! 

  • That's good to hear 😊 Really pleased as exercise has been problematic previously due to ankle problem 😊

  • Great start, enjoy your cycling!

  • Thank you 😊 Am a bit hooked actually! Went back on for another 10 minutes later 😊 

  • Hi Anna,

    Wow, doing 10km in just under 20 minutes on your new bike.  Really impressive!!!  You'll be clocking up lots of Kms for the Challenge - and you'll enjoy lots of cycling in Spain with your sister in May.

    Really great!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you 😊 So far so good 😊

  • You go girl! Glad the bike arrived quickly and you have already begun to feel its benefit. You will be so ready for that holiday with your sister in May.

  • Thank you 😊 Felt so good to get a really good workout which has been so difficult with ankle problem 😕 

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