How does everyone keep motivated, I was motivated a week or so ago but then completely fell off the wagon :-( been to the doctors today and my blood pressure is still too high despite being on 2 different meds for it.

I feel positive that I am going to eat better and exercise (booked into 4 classes for the coming week) but how can I keep the feeling I have now later on in the week - I am my own worst enemy, any ideas would be greatly received.



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  • Hi nettyb57 😀 are u on thre 12wk plan. That has lots of fantastic advice and tips. Sounds like u have plenty of motivation - 4 classes in 1 week!!!!!! You will get your endorphins racing doing these and you'll feel great ( maybe a little achey) no pain no gain..... get back on your wagon, body's are Stange things and your blood pressure will get better. Positive mental attitude. Good luck, we are here for you x

  • Thankyou x

  • Keeping positive is the key and the hardest thing to do......draw on your strength......I feel the same as you...!

  • Thankyou x

  • Hi Nettyb, I find joining in on here very motivating as well as reading the success stories. 

    If I am flagging a bit, I watch episodes from TV shows such as The Biggest Loser, My 600lb Life, Extreme Weight Loss etc on Youtube.

    Did you read the Welcome Newbies thread that Moreless wrote?  It also has some tips on the diet plan as well as finding your way around the forum.  Many have found joining in with the activities keeps them motivated.

  • I agree with LessToLose i check up on here and read all the success stories ! Really motivating 😊 I am lucky to have good support from my family and friends too which is invaluable 😊 But the biggest factor us my own improving health, increasing fitness and general well being 😊 Good luck!

  • Hi Nettyb57, the thing that is keeping me motivated this time is actually my health! I was diagnosed borderline diabetic and it really scared me! 

    When you are young you don't worry about these things but as you get older you start thinking " oh my God I'd better start looking after myself! " Plus you have to REALLY want it! 

    You've booked some classes which is great! So just keep thinking about that blood pressure - and you will do it!

    Keep posting there are loads of great people, and we are all here for the same reason! Good luck! :)

  • Rule number 1 is 'if you make a change, enjoy the change'.

    Your doctor knows best with regard to BP of course; consider that excess insulin adds to blood volume, increasing BP, and one part carbohydrate holds about 3 parts water in the body, also increasing blood volume. So the question is, are you having too much high-glycaemic/insulin-stimulating carbohydrate?

  • Greetings, I hope your BP reduces soon and you can get off the meds. Motivation is a state of mind and I believe is a choice. Abraham Lincoln said "we are as happy as we make up our minds to be" I believe it's the same with motivation. It's a decision we make to do or not to do. That's said, maybe some mini goals to aim for and achieve might be a way of keeping motivated. Maybe a new item of clothing when you drop a dress size or a treat of some new make-up. 

    I think booking 4 classes is quite adventurous though. For me, planning that far ahead is a definite set up for a downfall. I appreciate classes need to be booked in advance but what would happen to me would be, I would go to the first 2 then if for some reason I couldn't attend the others I would feel like a failure and that would make me eat. I'm more of a get up and choose on the day kinda gal, making plans that I can't see through makes me feel bad and I eat. 

    Good luck for this week xxxxxx

  • I find it helps to envision a family gathering, wedding or birthday when you can appear 6 months from now looking great in a new outfit!  Buy some one size smaller jeans and hang them where you can see them as a reminder.  Find a friend who will join you for walks and swap low-cal recipes. 

    Clear the house of temptation and stock the fridge with home-made soups, coleslaw (made with yogurt & mayo), fresh fruit and veg. 

    Plan your meals for the next day; treat it like a war and aim to win each battle.  If you slip and lose a battle - don't give up the fight, just work on the next strategy!

  • Thankyou x

  • Hi Netty,

    The million dollar question!

    I find talking to fat friends my age (sixties) quite motivating.  As their knees and hips are going or painful, my newly liberated ones have recovered.  I feel more like 40+ than 60+.  I do think as you successfully improve your weight and your fitness, you will like how you feel and you will start to enjoy life more.  You are worried about a vicious circle, but there are virtuous circles too and they have a much more positive effect on our lives.  So stop being a glass half empty girl and start being a glass half full girl and you will build your own confidence in yourself.  

    You have done really well with booking 4 exercise classes.  That must give you at least one that you like better to stick with.  Apply the planning that involved to your menu and meal planning.  

    The people who succeed at slimming are those that say, I slipped, I will draw a line and carry on as if I hadn't.  Then it is a one day slip not a week's.  You will be tempted and you will give in sometimes.  It's what you do next that makes the difference.  

    Hope I don't sound too lecturer-y but I not only fell off the wagon over Easter, it turned round came back and ran me over.  And it was full of nice choc, hot cross buns with butter, biscuits, not quite low enough meals, a kebab and chips, and finally Nutella.   I blame Flytrap Junior.  He had bought in all my favourite treats.  Though he wasn't responsible for me eating them ALL rather than having a taste or a measured amount.  

    After the 4 days of madness, I was super strict with myself and managed to lose a happy half (lb) that week.  More than jubilant I can tell you.  And my binges mean I have focused on being extra strict to get to my next target.  Maybe it was more helpful than not.  So I am resolutely being the Pollyanna of dieting, till I get to my next goal.  And I will get there.  I'm in charge of that.  But I accept it may not be to my preferred timetable.  

    We can do this, especially together, 


  • Keep going , weight loss reduces blood pressure. Why would you not want that ! You can do it or you wouldn't be on this forum. 

  • Well done for booking the classes. I found that exercise helped suppress my appetite and I also did not want to undo all my hard work. Good luck!

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