Really want to eat

Day 3 of a sickly child and I'm really tired after very little sleep and working all day. The desire for sugar is incredible. I know the craving is due to tiredness and I'm fighting hard to resist. I felt hungry at dinner time today for the first time this week. Im trying to hold off as long as I can before I have some supper but its soooooooo hard....


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  • Perhaps you could have something like a low calorie hot chocolate for something sweet and a small snackette type thing to keep you going rather than anything too heavy. Is it something in particular you're craving?

  • I really want sugar but I'm making toast now and then going straight to bed.

  • There's a good plan. I hope you sleep well and are less tired tomorrow and that your cravings settle down. It sounds like you've had a good week overall though, food-wise, if you've not been feeling hungry until today.

  • I have had an awesome week food wise and really tried to focus on what my body needed but I know that being tired or angry or stressed makes me head for the sugar. Enjoyed my toast and the craving has subsided. YAY!!!!! 

  • That is a big YAY for sure!!! Go you x

  • That makes sense, it is our brain's response to stress and it sounds like you had plenty.

    I also decided to go to bed early, I kept on wanting food and I knew I was just knackered, so I forewent the "do" I was meant to go to and took myself off to bed.

    Hope you feel better today!

  • When I was a youngish mother many moons ago, with a child who gave up sleeping and a full time job, I remember the GP saying to me kindly when I was crying with tiredness, you can go without food or sleep but not both together.  It stresses your body and makes it more difficult to cope. Never were truer words spoken.  I am not suggesting you head for the biscuit tin.  But I am suggesting that you eat some protein and nutrient packed foods at your meals.  So lots of lean protein and lots of veg on those plates.  With a fractious child you are probably time poor too, but could you find some of your favourite cold meat and packets of chilled salads plus some olive oil based dressing (only teaspoons).  That might sort lunch.  Lots of fruit for snacks and some lean protein and maybe a frozen multi veg pack for dinner.  Now is the time to treat yourself with your favourites as that will make you feel better in itself.  Cans of soup are very handy and the better ones are nutritious without being too kcal laden.  Finally remember a can of beans on toast, or an omelette can be produced in minutes and both fill tummies nicely.  You are dealing with at least one crisis.  Aim to maintain your weight rather than looking for big losses.  You have to be kind to yourself or you won't be there for everyone else to lean on.  And if it is at all possible ask for help, both at work and at home.  I'm certainly cheering you on.

  • Hi Venus, thank you for responding. I am self employed and very often driving from job to job within NHS settings so lunch can be a bugger. I have discovered I love granola and yogurt with fruit and it fills me up as well as keeping me mentally stable so I don't eat crap while travelling. breakfast is normally weetabix or wholemeal toast and my evening meal is almost always clean. I recognise that tiredness makes me want to eat so I'm trying to combat that. Im fortunate that my husbands job means he is at home a lot and he does all the cooking and cleaning and looking after our daughter but he is on duty at nights sometimes and thats a trigger for me. 

    Taking it one day at a time....

  • maiziepops, I know totally what you mean I'm retired NHS myself.  And don't get me started on the type of food some of the NHS offers.  If I never see another pallid sausage roll or dried out chicken drumstick, I will be happy.  I know not all the staff canteens offer good options either.  Even though there are more and more innovative chefs out there.  It so depends where you are in this rather slow food revolution.  Young Flytrap is chugging around a rural health district as we speak.   So I understand the perils of missed meals and the garage till display.  Field workers have to be so organised about their supplies or it's chocolate bars and yesterday's bargain pork pie pack!   I will strongly recommend your granola and yog option to him as he would love that.  Thank you.  Venus

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