Trying to decide what rewards I ought to plan for different milestones along my weightloss journey. Right now it is hard to imagine a reward which wouldn't be a massive slice of cake .... but that's what got me to this place!

I've never been particularly girly - so manicures and such like aren't of interest.

Maybe some beautiful, but not strictly necessary, item for the house.

What are you waiting for?


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  • I am desperately in need of new clothes.  Most of mine are so old now that they're falling part.  But I'm going to hold off on new ones until I can get smaller sizes!

    I also really, really want to bake again.  Trouble is, as you say motherofboys, that's where the trouble started in the first place!  So how to be able to do the things I like without piling on weight again? 

    Still have a ways to go before I get to that stage though, so I have time to think about it. :-)

  • I look in the local charity shops for things ,you can get some really good buys without spending a fortune. As you get smaller its a good way of having things that fit without the cost until you get to goal .

  • I haven't really done any rewards, but I think I should.  No idea what I would have, maybe some items of clothing as everything is looking a bit baggy now!

  • I've lost 7lbs in my first week so I've treated myself to a new cookbook (without the calouries).. My stone mark is going to have my hair dyed.  When I loose the full 5+ stone I'm going to go aboard and stay somewhere hot where I can do things I've always held back before because of my excess weight.

  • My friend bought me a tshirt I wanted when I lost half a stone previously and it's the smaller clothes I look forward to that are my rewards. I can't wait for my wardrobe to be replaced one day with new slim items :). 

    I like the idea of a special holiday for getting to your ultimate weight goal :).

  • Spent the afternoon out with Mr Flytrap.  It was mostly buying food in all the little ethnic shops near us.  But we did stop for a black coffee in our local vegan cafe to celebrate his massive first week loss.  We go there because we can read the menus to each other and it is a hoot.  We just love their descriptions of the excitingly different foods and flavour combinations they offer.   His reward was new and exciting looking.  It is a metal pot with the bowl divided in two like the ying yang sign.  To allow 2 different flavour broths for cooking Chinese Hotpot.  His choice, not mine.  I think we have enough kitchen equipment already.  But yes we are all about the food!  Now you know why we're here.  When he sheds his 1st stone, I am getting him the portable cooking ring that the metal pot stands on.  My rewards are more prosaic.  Initially I gave myself treat foods, if I had a good loss, and consolation foods, if I didn't.  Often the same foods!  Then I realised that, although I was sticking to planned eating all week, my post weigh in binges were not only unplanned, but they were also stopping me from losing the following week.  So now my treats tend to be non-edible like a new magazine, a book I've been wanting or something to do for me, like the cinema or finding the perfect black t-shirt.  Although on the whole, just the fact of getting to each goal and sharing that with friends and family is enough encouragement for me.  

  • Try a bra fitting ! Charity shops, a sewing machine and belts might do  for other clothes but nothing showcases your improving health, shape, posture and gait like a proper fitting bra. ( I have gone from 42c to 36c 😀) 

    A few months ago a good friend also bought me three multi-packs of knickers, respectively 16,14 and 12 so can I see where I am heading. I am heading towards the 14s and when they fit I'll then buy some 10's....  

    I also yearn for posh trainers...

  • You must have lost loads!! Well done. Like the knicker idea.

    Hate having to wear size 16  !!

  • I've just treated myself to a little black dress for a trip to the theatre 😀 after loosing my 1st stone !!! 

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