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Hello out there!

Hi, I'm Carol, heading towards 50 and determined to arrive there as healthy as I can be. I followed to c25k last year. I'm no sporty type but I loved it and was totally amazed that I did it and enjoyed it! I've kept up the exercise but I'm still not losing any weight....So have decided to trust the 12 wk weight loss programme..... Laura got me running, maybe she can help me eat less too! 

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Hi and welcome Carol.

Sounds like it could be your calorie intake that is the problem.  Maybe using a calorie app would be useful you will be suprised on items that you eat can actually be so high in cals, basmati rice is better than brown rice, egg noodles and pasta is scary, boiled spuds are better than roasted chips or jacket.

Try these has well Bare naked noodles and rice low cals and carbs. My daughter bought me Gullon gluten and egg free cookies only small biscuits but tasty.  

You will find plenty of good advice and support on here.  I have.

Good luck 



Thanks Wendy, I think you're right. I've just started week 2 and I was shocked when I added up my calories each day! Snacking is my downfall....that and weekends! Last weekend was not good.....hoping to do better this weekend! 😐


Hi Carol 

I have a bad sweet tooth I mean bad.   Try either fitbit or myfitnesspal app to keep track of cals.

You will be fine have faith.



I've downloaded myfitnesspal- thanks :) 


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