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I've lost :)))))))

I was told on 29th March lose weight .  Only 5 stone the Nurse says, so I go home all deflated. I look at the online 12 week diet and decided come 31st I'd be starting my diet I'd shop day before to make when I woke up everything was there.

So 8 days later and I'm with the nurse again and knocked her smug look off her face I've lost 7lbs....... No longer am I not EATTING till mid afternoon, I'm waking up thinking I need my breakfast. Last night and night before I had my 100 kcal treat (kipling french fancy) and stopped after just one..  

I've had the boost to go forward. I know I won't ever lose that amount in a week again and I would be happy half a pound a week. But the best bit I'm EATTING the same as my family except I weigh my portion out, my Hubby has lost 5lbs and he's not trying to lose weight (needs to lose tho), ...

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Well done on your results which will encourage you to keep going.  This is a great forum. I'm really enjoying it and get lots of tips. It's so good on your bad days as there's so much support so make the most of it 

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fantastic result, how good does it feel? I wish we could bottle that feeling, cos its earned! You have amazing willpower to stop at one french fancy, but that shows you are in the right mindset and have more willpower than you imagined.

Eating the same food as the rest of the family makes life so much easier. I do the same, eat normal foods but weigh mine out. Although I have discovered spiralized courgettes instead of noodles or spaghetti and cauliflower rice in stead of regular rice. Can eat loads of both for the same calories as a small portion of rice or pasta. There are lots of tips and hints on this site, and if you ever have a question, just post it, there will be several replies :-)

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Thank you,  willpower has come from my hubby saying you quit smoking 9 years ago without help u just did it. So now I look at the nice things I really like to eat by the bucket and think do I need it, it's like a cigarette no I don't and I walk away. This is me only after one week I'm sure there's going to be brick walls ahead of me and I'm glad I have this forum for the support good and bad.

I was only saying last night about buying a spiralizer so I can have bowl full of meatballs and pasta ( courgette) one night. Might even do spiral carrots for my 9 year old as she doesn't like pasta.


I've thought about that too, I gave up smoking many years ago, like you, without anything help or nicotine replacements. That willpower is still there somewhere.

I made the mistake of buying a cheap spirilizer advertised on facebook, waste of money. So bit the bullet and got the £30 one in Lakeland, its brilliant. Going to try putting sweet potato through it too, haven't tried carrots yet. 


well done hun keep the hard work going


Well done 


Well done you!

sounds like you are doing all the right things and your hubby is benefitting too ...😃


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