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Baby steps

I have managed to lose weight but I seem to have plateaued.  I get regular exercise as I have a active job.  My vice and down fall is sugary foods, I am keeping a food diary and have my Fitbit on but I know what I need to do is find ways to substitute the sugary snacks with healthy choices.

So I am sat at my desk with a pot of porridge and water with lemon in it.  Start at I mean to go on.... 

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Sounds drastic!! I have managed to almost eliminate added sugar from my diet but it has taken s while 😕 everything tastes so much better now 😊 Well worth persevering 


How did you manage it ... Do you have any tips i could use...?


Having enough to eat is vital 😊 I usually have fruit for breakfast and a substantial lunch, 50g of carbs and some protein such as toast and egg or salad sandwich. I find this prevents mid afternoon blood sugar lows 😊 

I have a piece of fruit after my evening meal as a sort of 'full stop' and rarely eat again. 

I have also stopped diet coke. 

i do have some sweet treats as I find banning something makes me want it more!!! 

Good luck 😊

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is the porridge one of the super refined pots ...they may have sugar in .

Try soaking porridge oats overnight then two mins in microwave ...works a treat .

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