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Feeling quite stressed over the past couple of day and making bad choices. Can't get a grip on myself. Any tips?

Feeling quite stressed over the past couple of day and making bad choices. Can't get a grip on myself. Any tips? 

Not feeling v good, had a v difficult couple of days w hubby. (Lives away and comes back every weekend). My moods have been all over the place and I'm glad he's gone in a way but still can't seem to stop thinking about him. I need to get a grip and think about my meal planning again. I was doing well, now I'm making wrong choices. Trying to focus on what makes me happy which is spending time with my family. Might take kids there in a little while. 

Just wondering what makes you happy and keeps u motivated??

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Morning Adheela, it all sounds really stressful and posting here was a really good way of breaking out from where you are right now and interrupting the obsessive thinking. 

I am going to list the things that have worked from me -I had a really difficult relationship problems 18months ago -I only really got control of my eating when it improved. I realise you know some or most of these already but ...😉

If you can get five minutes free try meditating -aka tuning out -or just deep quiet breathing. 

If you have ten minutes free or with your children, do a few stretches - the NHS five minute wake up stretches on the live well site are great!

If you have twenty minutes then crack out a note book and hand write the three-four things that are stressing you most followed by three things that are actually ok. 

Big hugs, 💐hope the day with the family goes well. 


Stress, activity, sleep and healthy eating are all inter-related. Eating foods that spike insulin/IGF-1 levels not only leaves us susceptible to chronic ill-health, they also leave us prone to stress and less able to cope with it.

Take control of the things you can; have about 40 grammes of low Gi, low fructose carbs each meal with a sensible amount of non-starchy vegetables, a palm-size or less of natural protein food, and make up the balance of your requirement with natural fat.

Alternate strength exercises with aerobic exercise most days of the week, allowing for full recovery between.

Learn to relax.

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Hi Adheela, it sounds like you are having a tough time, I've been having a similar time myself.  What I find myself doing is making it even worse by making all the wrong choices and then heaping loads of self loathing on myself too.  So my top tip is even if you can't do the things you know you want to do to lose weight as that feels too much, try just to stay where you are and look at that as a positive given the circumstances.  I struggle with motivation sometime too, I find walking does help my mental outlook, so I try to find an excuse to just walk to the supermarket rather than take the car.  Get out, get moving, perhaps buy a new pair of shoes, a non food based treat.  Look after yourself.


Hi Adheela,

Sounds like you've had a stressful time of things, and I hope that the rest of today is going a bit better for you, and that you've been able to unwind and de-stress a bit.  At least you have some space for a while, and I hope you can enjoy some time with your kids and family.  You might be there right now, in which case I hope you're enjoying that quality time with them.

You asked about factors that keep a person happy and motivated - I guess that personally  I find motivation comes from sharing experiences and spending quality time on things you enjoy - with people you are fond of - making sure not to get isolated with a problem or an issue, communicating and sharing feelings about things, and being able to problem solve a way through things that might seem sticky or difficult.  

Enjoying nature and walks generates a lot of happiness for me - as well as keeping an open interest in things - and I love the fact we can learn about so many things in the world - there are always things out there of interest.  New things to discover each and every day.

I'm in a good mood just now... :-)

I really hope you are feeling a bit better Adheela, and I hope you have a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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It is hard work looking after the home and kids while hubby is away during the week, plus it puts pressure on for everything to "be perfect" at the weekend when they are around.

Sounds like you need either a bit of time for yourself or a pamper - or both!

Also visiting family would be good for you too.

Hope you feel better soon.

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Hi guys! Thanks so much for ur replies. Spoke to hubby yesterday and we have learnt from what happened. I tried going out to tesco yesterday (couldn't manage walk took car!) but I felt better just getting bits and pieces. Also managed to cook my dinner for the next two days so hopefully I will maintain on Monday. Don't think il lose but who knows!  

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