Back from holiday

Hi everyone, I missed Monday weigh in as we were at a friends wedding in Florida, and they didn't have any scales to weigh myself on. I was secretly pleased as I thought I would have put weight on as they don't seem to cook over there! It was all, let's go out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was strange to us as folk who cook everything from scratch, not just to be healthy, but because we want to eat food that tastes good.

We went sightseeing, and had to drive as its all quite spread out over there, which was good as we didn't start drinking until the evenings then. A cold beer at the various beaches was very welcome.

So, back home yesterday after a night flight *yawn*, early to bed after a home made chilli that I'd frozen before we went, oh the loveliness of proper food again lol. Could almost feel the vitamins and minerals being absorbed into my body, fantastic! Bed by 7pm and surprised to be up at the usual time today.

On the scales this morning, and I'm still 13st 13lbs, the same as last week Monday, the day before we flew out. So pleased, mainly as I knew I haven't done the usual holiday thing of eating and drinking anything not nailed to the floor, but did enjoy the things that I did eat and drink. The small changes certainly do make a difference, as I've read here many times. 

With no holiday excess to lose, I'm back on myfitnesspal calorie counting today. Exercise maybe tomorrow, lots to catch up on today. 

I hope to lose 1lb before next Monday, see you all at weigh in, have a good rest of the week :-)


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9 Replies

  • Hi fussybird, Well done and wise words for all of us who are facing holidays soon!

  • Sounds like you coped really well. 👯👯

  • Well done you 😊 You have proved to yourself that you have created good eating habits 😊 Great news 

  • Well done and it sounds as if you had a great holiday onwards and downwards 😁👍

  • What a fantastic result fussybird! Well done you! :)

    I hope I can do as well as you on my holiday next week :)

  • How lovely - a wedding in Florida. You did so well to maintain your weight after spending a week in America.  All the meals are so huge and everything always seems to come with chips! Glad to hear you back on track and sure the scales will show a loss next Monday for you.

  • Having seen the portion sizes and the rich sugary food they serve in America - you have done so well to stay the same!  Glad you enjoyed your trip across the pond and that you haven't bought back any unwanted "souvenirs" (by way of extra pounds).

  • Hi Fussybird,

    Welcome back from your trip away, and I hope you enjoyed the Wedding of your friends in Florida.  How brilliant that you've managed to maintain your weight whilst you're away.  That is really great!  You're not too late yet to put that result into last Monday's weigh-in session if you want to, as you'd be classed as a 'maintainer' for our weekly stats, and then any weight you lose before Monday will be a new result for next week's stats.  Up to you of course, but just thought I'd mention it.  :-)  The link to the latest thread is always in the Events section (below the Pinned Posts on the right-hand-side of the homepage).  I don't think Ruth_canal_runner has done our weekly stats yet, so you'd still be in time.

    Anyway, just wanted to welcome you back, and say we'll look forward to catching up with you on Monday at the weigh-in.

    Lowcal :-)

  • That is fantastic news - I am glad you had a good time and that there was no damage to address on your returnf!

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