New Target - 55 and lithe

Good morning folks

I have ordered an exercise bike this morning, and after a difficult but successful day yesterday am feeling energised and motivated to lose 3 kg (7lbs) before my birthday in just under 7 weeks. I will be in Spain on the actual day visiting my slim and gorgeous older sister and want her to be impressed with me 😊 As well as wanting to be fit enough to go for cycle rides together 👟🚵

Here goes! Thank you motherofboys for the catchphrase 😊

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21 Replies

  • Good Luck Anna61. I'm aiming to lose 11lbs by 23rd May for our 10th wedding anniversary trip to Rome. I've lost 3lbs in two weeks but need to get my mind in gear again and keep going. I'm going to go for a walk every day to try to boost it. Let me know how you get on. I'm rooting for you!

  • Thank you 😊 I have already lost over two stone so it's slow going for me, but also find I'm getting a bit complacent! Good luck to you, Rome will be lovely, sure you can do it! What a lovely motivator 😊

  • Glad you've got one you like, Anna61.  Great plan for the holiday with your sister.  So nice to have a tightly targeted plan.  As opposed to tight clothes.  I'm doing good with my target too.  Never happens!  Lost 2lbs this week.  So might make my end of April goal with 7lb more to go.  Should definitely get the 4lb more fall back position.  Got to find that pedometer now.  Keep forgetting to charge it.  Remembered to charge it last night and then forgot to put it on this am.  And Thurs is my running around day!  Damnation!  

  • Good luck! I don't usually lose more than 1/2 lb a week so am cutting back slightly to give myself a boost 😊

    Hope you enjoyed your run, great admiration for runners, it would kill me!! 😂

  • You've got me all fired up with your positivity Anna, thanks for that! :)

    It's my birthday on the same day as historylady's wedding anniversary and you've motivated me to be 59 and fine! :)

    Good luck with your 7lb goal, I'm going to push for the stone! Nothing like a bit of optimism! :)

  • Sure you will do it  moreless  😊 Your birthday is just after mine 😊 It is hard to keep the momentum going isn't it? But we can and will do this!!! 

    Go us! 😊👟🚵

  • It is hard to keep plugging away and that's where we all help each other. We can be inspired and motivated every day, when we read other people's stories.

    We're going to ace this! Pom poms for us! :)

  • I aim to be 61 and almost done!!!! (Should have added this to post below)

  • Haha like it 😊

  • Yaaaaaay! :)

  • Good to hear your ordered your bike. Did you go for the John Lewis one? Sure you will be just as gorgeous as your sister when you go on cycle rides together.

  • Thank you muffintop67 😊 Did lots of research, (well, hubby did!) went for a Viavito Satori from s company called Sweatband, higher spec but we hope to grow into it 😊 Cycling is so good for me and I hope to do a little every day to help my arthritis as well as my weight 😊  Can't wait for it to arrive! 

  • Uh, ignore my earlier question - I really should read further, before commenting!

  • Just out of curiousity, I wonder how many of us are typical cuddly Taureans - loving the good things in life!  (Well, I am another with a May birthday)!

    Hope you find your visit to see your sister gives you that extra push Anna61; just throw in a few extra trips up the stairs every day, combined with a few cups of fruit tea when you get peckish, and those stubborn pounds will soon start to move!

  • I'm a gemini! :)

  • Oh well - can't use that excuse anymore then!...unless of course you were born on the cusp...

    (I don't really follow astrology all that seriously)

  • I'm a Taurean!  :-)

  • Hi Anna,

    You're sounding motivated and 'ready' to achieve your goal for your Birthday.  Great that you've ordered your exercise bike and I hope it arrives soon!  

    Have a great week!

    Lowcal :-)

  • What bike did you get?

    This goal is so doable and I am sure you will succeed - it would be lovely to cycle with your sister!

  • Hubby did lots of research, we went for a Viavito Satori from a company called Sweatband, hopefully delivered tomorrow but next day delivery a rarity up here in the frozen north beyond the wall where winter is ALWAYS coming!! So most likely Monday 😊 Quite excited 😊👟🚵

  • Oooh, hope it does come tomorrow - how exciting!

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