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Back after 3 weeks

So, things got massively derailed due to a death in the family (my little nephew). And as much everything seems a lot less relevant now, conversely I'm inspired to make the most of my life, which includes getting fit. I am back into my jeans for the first time since Christmas, which feels good. Haven't yet stepped on the scale - don't expect that it will have moved too much, but I'm happy that clothes are fitting better and people have noticed that I look better. If I keep going with the "eating better and exercising more" plan, I should notice a real difference by mid-summer.

Anyway, look forward to getting back into things here. Congrats to everyone who has seen improvements and positive energy to anyone who needs some extra motivation!

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So sorry to hear of your recent family bereavement, my thoughts are with you all.

Sometimes it takes an awful life event that enables us to take stock of our lives and decide the future is going to be different. I do admire your stance and determination to change your life and  I know you will do it. 

We only get one go at living this life and for me it's about  living it the best way I can. I look forward to catching up.

Take care



Hi Figureeight,

Welcome back, and my sincere condolences regarding your recent family bereavement - I hope you're managing to cope as well as you can in such circumstances.

It's good that you're looking forward to making the most of your life, and that your clothes are fitting better and people have noticed that you look better as well.  

Wishing you a good week ahead, and hoping lots of positive energy comes your way.

Lowcal :-)

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So sorry to hear about your loss. I know how hard it is to get back on track and really admire your take on life and how you must go on and make it the best it can be. We are here for such a small amount of time and should grab it by both hands x good luck in ur weight loss, onwards and downwards 😊

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I am so sorry about your loss, that must have been devastating to the whole family. 

Your thoughts about the importance of life are so true and it is great that you are doing so well with regard your own health and well-being.

Keep up the good work and you will get to enjoy those around you for much longer.


So sorry for your loss, it must have been devastating for you all. Good luck with your journey to weight loss and better health.

Kate :)


With strong thoughts for you and your family in your loss; best wishes for the future and all your journeys


The loss of a child is always the hardest.  So impressed that you are planning to take that as inspiration.  What a lovely way of remembering him.  Be kind to yourself and take it gently.  


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