Oh dear - not a good day

So started with good intentions. Then I made cakes with the kids and I ate the left over cake mix plus 3 cakes. I knew it would put me in danger of going over but I was in a "stuff it" mood due to illness, being tired due to children's illnesses, work pressure and emotional stress. Just now I made the conscious decision to eat half a chocolate egg - just wanted comfort. The thing is it just made me feel sick. I'm writing this post so it's on my profile to remind me that things have changed and food is not the way for me to seek comfort. I've already made the decision to stick with the calorie count for rest of week and restart plan with all print outs this time - I think logging my five a day and exercise was a real motivator for leading a healthier lifestyle. Another two things I've learnt over past three weeks is that 1) hot choc is the way to go when I've got choc munchies as it sates the craving with less calories whilst providing hydration and 2) I need to keep my snacks during the day to a minimum as I know I love snacking in the evening and by keeping a number of calories to one side for later I reduce the chances of going over. Here's to taking one day at a time. Wishing everyone here good luck and good fortune.

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  • Great idea about the hot chocolate, that might be a saviour in the evenings when I tend to pick. Another day tomorrow ūüėÄ

  • Your post reminds me so of myself! Young(ish) children, work stress, illness both them as well as myself mixed in with decorating and Easter goodies results in me giving in and snacking in the evening - ¬†my weakness. ¬†I do try to leave some calories for the evening snacks. ¬†Like to the hot choc idea.

    So you can see I've not been so good myself over the past couple of weeks for similar reason to you.  Must try to get back on it. School shoe shopping tomorrow - fingers crossed I find shoes that fit and that the girls like ;o) .

    I'm sure that it will involve a coffee stop - determined just to have a drink and no snack!  

  • I do like coffee shops :-) tend to go for cup of decaf tea (less calories and less chance of temporary boost-come down-comfort munchies cycle). If you can't resist a snack with the beverage, how about splitting it between you and your girls (a trick I use with my mum and sister) - everyone wins and calorie intake reduced). Best of luck with the shoe hunting :-D

  • Thanks for the idea. ¬†If tempted I'll try that with my youngest!

  • Your post sounds so familiar, just had two days of work and sabotaged myself yet again, however tomorrow is another day, breakfast and lunch prepared. Hope you have a better day.

  • You too :-)

  • Hi Gonnadoit,

    Your post is really inspiring, because you have made some changes in your relationship with food, and you're adapting things.  You're managing to cope with some stressful stuff, and although you did turn to some food for comfort, you no longer feel comforted by it as much as you would have done previously, and you've thought of a plan to cope with the remainder of the week.  It's a brilliant post.  Thanks for sharing it.

    Hope you have a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. You too :-)

  • Its tough when the kids are home but lovely that you spent time with them today making cakes. Sounds like you have a good plan to get back on track. As you say one day at a time and bit by bit you will get there.¬†

  • Thanks for posting this, I've only been on my diet a week and face my first weigh in tomorrow morning. ¬†Next week I start doing cricket teas for my hubbies cricket club and need motivation to not eat any of the cakes I bake and eat whilst I'm scoring their game.. ¬†Hopefully I can avoid the cakes if not I have you super motivation to put it behind me and move on.

  • Good luck and thank you. Perhaps take some low cal sweet treats/low cal hot choc to sate the craving? All the best :-)

  • It's okay as long as you had a reason (stress), it's not okay if you do it out of boredom :)

  • Hi Gonnadoit,¬†

    Wow, those kids must have been ill, if you got to lick the bowl.  Or did you fight them off?  

    That's not a failure, you've turned it into a learning experience.  I think you and Clumsymare need to set up a project group to find cakes you both hate and those are the ones you make in future.  I am not keen on plain sponges, and if I add icing, which I also hate, I will only have the teaspoon's worth that the cook has to eat for quality control.  But everyone else seems to love them.  So send the family out to test cakes and bring you one teaspoon of each back for the experimental tastings.  They will love that one and you will have added damage limitation to your range of tactics.  


  • Thanks for the advice. My kids are quite good when it comes to sweet things - I offered the bowl and they didn't want it!! We live in crazy times :-S

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