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Blah. I feel so much leaner and better but the scale is not moving. It is time to up my game and get into some more workout.  To be honest I felt a built weak in the last few weeks but my energy is slowly returning. 

I wish I had my bike! A naughty person stole it, so I hope my upcoming birthday may bring me a new one. 

I hope everyone is shrinking happily!

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I like your comment 'shrinking happily' - made me smile. Sorry someone stole your bike - how annoying :( I am sure now your energy is returning and when you get your new birthday bike you will be shifting those pounds again :)


Changing up your exercise may well be just the thing to break that plateau - I always think it is a good idea to keep the body confused!

Hope you get the bike (can you get it as an early birthday present?)!


We'll see. I also asked for furniture before the incident so the prezzie might be already wrapped somewhere :)

Thanks for the advice, I shall do something different this week.

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Hard to answer this post workout knowing more details. But I can say this lottolose is right, but if I may ad to it, don't do something you like to do. Your body is highly adaptive.  Doing something you don't like to do cardio wise is the quickest way to break a plateau