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I've been on the NHS plan since the beginning of the year and averaged 1400 calories a day. I've steadily lost weight in the first 12 weeks with 10 lbs lost. I then had a 2 week break where we went away for a weekend, but I didn't go mad and suspect I was averaging around 2,200 calories which apparently is what I would need to maintain my weight. But I jumped on the scales this weekend and found I'd gained 7 lbs!!! I'm distraught, is this some kind of reaction from my body to coming off the programme? I just feel all my hard work has been undone.....

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Hi Essex, a gain is so upsetting isn't it? I'm no expert but I wonder if you had been exercising alongside the dieting at all? Did you stop that too? Maybe it's the combination of the two?

 I'm a long way off a weight I want to maintain so don't have the experience about it to help you but I'm sure someone will reply to your post who is much more knowledgable than me.

Good luck and don't give up :)



Oh dear, how upsetting 😕 Because you lost the weight slowly I suspect it will be proper 'fat' you lost, and the gain could be either water, or hormones, or just a blip, or a combination of all three. I know it's hard but if you get back on plan straight away you may get most if that off in a couple of weeks 😕

Good luck 😊 I feel for ypu

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Water and hormones have been the Bain of my weight loss journey, mine is all due ( well mostly hormones, menopasal tho), I find plenty of water based veg and fruit helps, returning to normal should fix stuff fairly early on too.

I must say to eat 2, 200 cals is a lot tho, I suspect through treats and booze.

Climb back on the weight loss wagon and re lose eh!


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