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1st Weigh in

Hi everyone, this is first weigh in for me Goodie2shoes and Mick, I have lost 1LB and Mick has lost 3LB's.

I am trying to move more too, non work day's I achieve more as I have more time,  I know that sounds like an excuse but I only get a couple of hours before I have to go again, so by the time I've sorted a meal caught up on paperwork I'm off again.I haven't been able to reach the 10,000 but have reached 6,654 today which includes 1hour at Zumba. Anyway hope you have all had a god week and even if you haven't lost this week keep up the god work it will happen if you stick with it.xx

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Hi to you both,

Congratulations on your great results, really good!

Wishing you both another great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done, always nice to have a loss but for me more importantly the loss of the bloated feeling that comes after just one week. I wear a garmin fitness tracker and at the weekend when I'm less active i find myself just walking around the house with my 3 yr old to increase my steps. She thinks its a great game and we both run around shouting, I can run this way i can't run that way as we go from room to room. Every little bit helps.


Am I the only female that thinks we should have girl lbs and boy lbs?  Living in a house dominated by men, it really annoys me that they can lose much faster than me and with much less effort.  My breakthrough moment early on in my journey down, was to realise that I could have about half the kcal they could have.  Literally in my case, they are big lads.  Or American sized as one very diplomatic acquaintance put it!  So I now don't resent their additions to their plates.  But this losing faster seems so unfair.  Still, game on let's see if I can get back to goal before they hit that first stone mark.  And I'm not even telling them it's a race!  How's that for sneaky?  


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