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2 days down and looking forward to day three

I'm pretty sure that once this way with food becomes the norm I'll stop counting the days but I'm glad I've chosen this and hope to keep moving forward. I wanted this to be about a healthier lifestyle with normal weight being a positive side effect but just so I keep the right perspective what are some good suggestions for when to weigh yourself and what to expect in body changes? Does this make sense? 

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Snow-white 90 - go you:-)  

Getting used to a new way of approaching things takes a while to adjust and build new habits:-)

I know i have posted to you before - but not sure what i said - so forgive me if i repeat myself.

Weigh on day that suits you - as your main weigh day- usually first thing is the morn is when you are the lightest. ( Many of us weigh on other days just to keep an eye on things).  It is good to have a few other measurements as well - that you can look at say on a monthly basis as you progress.  You can record these in My fitness pal - weight as well as waist, chest and hips.  I also record my BMI.  It is good to see the downward trend -not just weight related....

Good luck:-)

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I used to weigh on a Monday evening (I go to a slimming club).   So my slimming week started on a Tuesday.  But I found this was wrecking my weekends, as I would often have used up all my emergency/treat allowance before Friday came around.  Also I started eating more and more weirdly on the Monday.  No drinks after lunchtime, having a smaller breakfast and lunch.  Bingeing after the weigh in on the Monday evening because I had done so well/badly and, of course, by then I was starving.  So I now go to weigh on a Thursday morning.  I don't eat or drink till afterwards but that is not a problem any more because Thursday morning is the start of my new week.  It is just working better for me.  I know now I am weighing me, not my breakfast, lunch or drinks.   And it is a great excuse to go for a coffee and catch up with my special friends after the weigh in.  It really worked better for me swopping.  And it still does.  I have always weighed just once a week on the same scales.  But I'm trying a new diet to support Sweetheart and so I am getting weighed at home too.  But that really will be first thing in the morning.  I don't compare the scales, as that way lies madness.  I am doing my official one in stones and lbs including halves, whereas the home one is just lbs but includes decimal points, so I can't compare them until I've done the maths, so I don't do the maths!    I like my Thursday to Wednesday weeks because, if I go mad at the weekend now, I have 3 more days to get back on track before I weigh.  I do record my weight on a graph, and that has kept me going down and/or shown me I am stuck or just wobbling around taking off and putting on the same old lbs because it's funny how I can fool myself into thinking I am making progress, when I'm really not.  So the graph has been a reality check all the way through my 5st loss.  Hope this long reply gets you thinking as to what will suit you the best.  And remember, if you change or it doesn't suit, you can change your weigh in day or time.  


Really good points Venusflytrap   😊  

I used to weigh in on Friday morning,  and success helped me though the weekend 😊 I changed to Monday to fit in with the Monday group weigh in, but im finding the same as you, really struggle all weekend as its on my mind! So think I will go back to Friday's but just post it on the Monday 😊

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Yes, it took me a couple of goes to find the right schedule, IndigoBlue61.  

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