Sometimes it's not just about losing!

The husband and I were heading to the city for a night out with friends. Smart casual attire so I chose a nice top and a pair of casual trousers. Now although I have lost a few lbs since joining here, last week I maintained my weight (as I have this week also) but when I pulled on the trousers I couldn't help but notice how much more comfortably they fitted! A little room on the waist and hips where before they had been just on the tight side. I was so excited 🤗. I have been upping my excersise and can only think I am a bit more toned. This has given me a great boost and feeling of wellbeing. Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my night out!

Back on track today, food shopping done, meals planned and soup made. Although I didn't lose weight today I'm still thrilled that those trousers were noticeable looser and this had brought me back in to focus and determined for a loss next Monday. I better had or I'll be getting my butt kicked from Moreless 😝

Just thought I'd share 😊

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  • Great post Bu-dog,your happiness shines xx lovely


  • Thank you flossie. It came as such a surprise. I wasn't expecting it. I think that was the key!

  • Fantastic! It is stunning when our clothes are looser! It is so motivating! 

    This week you will definitely loose weight as you sound so positive and determined! 

    I love it when you say you are scared of Moorless as I am also and that is why I am doing more exercise. 

  • Haha, she certainly keeps us all in our toes 😇

  • Which is excellent!

  • Glad you are feeling great :)

    I think sometimes the weight loss needs to settle a bit which is why you notice it even on a maintaining week. It also sounds like you are working a bit of toning too :)

  • This is such an important post. So often we focus on what the scales say and we neglect what our body is saying. I am trying to focus more on how my clothes feel and how i feel in general as what the scales say very often determines our mood and can affect what we eat that day if we are down. How many times have you felt thinner and got on the scales and not lost any weight and have let that spoil our day, instead of focusing on how we felt before we stepped on the scales.

  • Just think you have the great shrinking jeans experience in store too.  Going from a size 24 to a 14 with an attic full of each sized clothes, I have really enjoyed, the progress through each pair of jeans in particular.  There is just managing to zip them up.  Then they zip up but there is a muffin top.  Then they fit perfectly.  Followed by being able to take them off without unfastening the zip and finally having to wear a belt because they are falling down.  By that time I am ready for the next size down and I get to do it all over again!  I love my jeans, every last pair of them.   See you at the size 12 rack, in the future?!?

  • Sums it up really Venus, very well put. I have to say that in fairness I find great motivation on here. Even if I gain or maintain there is always a merry band of folks offering encouragement and it's just such fun. 

    See ya at the size 12 rack and well done to you on your downward journey, that's a fab achievement 👌Xx

  • Thanks,  Feel like I'm drifting this year.  Not managed to maintain yet.  But you're absolutely right it was a great achievement.  Just must try to live up to it now.  This is the bit I have never managed.  Me and my serial dieting!  I am beginning to think I enjoy it now, the dieting!  Mad or what?  

  • Glad to hear you enjoyed your night out. I think clothes feeling looser is just the best indicator of the weight loss. Sounds like you have a plan to get those scales moving too. Best of luck.

  • Thank you Muffin x

  • I've just found your thread Bu-dog and have to say I'm delighted for you :)

    I'm a little perturbed at the reputation I'm earning as a butt kicker, but I shall live up to my reputation, by buying a larger pair of boots, in order not to miss your ever decreasing butt! ;)

  • Haha, and I love you too Moreless 😋Xx

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