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Week 11

This week: Weight change +1.75lbs Waist change 0"  1820cal/day  29min/day activity BP 158/97

Dissapointing after last week's 2.5lb loss, but still not Obese (BMI 29.99). Not really suprising since I had the flu for 3 days (2 days in bed), only went to the gym once, only two days at work and then had a wedding to go to on Saturday + two meals out on Sunday with family. It would be great to recover that loss by the end of this week. BP creeping up a bit, I'll need to watch that.

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A loss is a loss.  Do not beat yourself up.  2.5 is amazing.


I have to agree, our bodies are unexpected at times too

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A loss is a loss!  We are meant to celebrate every loss! Next week I am sure you will surprise us all!

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