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Losing inches?

Well I done the 1200 calories a day as recommended. I had 2 days over but was in line for the week, was feeling quite chuffed with myself. Been doing strength training plus cardio 3 times a week at gym. Weighed myself after week 1 and damn was exactly the same weight as previous week. I'm noticing a different in how I look though and I'm sure I'm getting more toned. See how the next week goes and still sticking to 1200 calories a day and eating much better.

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Hi Boredmum,

I just wanted to check if you got your calorie recommendation via the BMI calculator on NHS 12 week plan?  Here's a link to that page:


It's just that 1200 calories seems low to me.  I'm wondering if you're eating sufficient calories for your needs - the calculator will give you a range which takes into account your height, weight, activity levels etc.

I notice you mentioned you're wondering if you're losing inches - that is a good point too, as many of us also take our body measurements, to see how these change over time.  You've noticed you are looking different and that you're more toned, so it does suggest that you are making changes.

But it could be good to re-check your calorie range.  Just a suggestion of course.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks for that. I've checked the link you gave me and it states between 1400 and 1800 calories. I've not been feeling hungry as I've been eating well. I've been doing the exercise programme for just over 3 weeks now but only cut my calories the last week. I'm only 5ft 0.6 inches and my BMI is around 31.5. I'd be happy losing inches and getting fitter but I guess I expected to see at least a pound or two off this week. I'll look more at some of the other information there through that link too. Thanks. 

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Glad you found it helpful.  I would recommend eating within the suggested recommendation, because eating too few calories can be counter-productive to your weight loss goals.  Some people do lower calorie diets, but only under medical supervision, (or at least that would be advised), so I hope you'll find the NHS Choices website helpful.  Most of us are following the principles, and it is a healthy and effective plan.  Good luck!  :-)


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