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Its been a few weeks!

I've had the busiest few months. University got the best of me, I was organising and producing a show that was successful but all in all I let me weightloss goals slack! 

I'm at a 4.2lbs loss  so I've only gained about 2lbs which I'm very happy about. It could've been even worse. I still tried to eat within reason and workout when I was able to, but I wasn't working to lose weight just to maintain. 

So I'm back to week one and plan to really stick it out! I have exams coming up and this is the perfect time since I'll have more time to work around my own schedule and have no more extra commitments. 

I'm joining the gym tomorrow and plan to wake up, go to the gym and after breakfast, commence revision and continue with my day. 

This should be an interesting 12 weeks.

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good that the weight loss overall is down, and that you are back on track on the 12 week plan 😊 Good luck! 

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Clever you, keeping your gain down to 2lbs.  Many moons ago, when facing finals, my housemate and I decided we would have eggs for breakfast and go to the local chippy for tea.  We didn't need lunch and their portions were reasonable, honest.  We crashed and burned the first night when we got to the chippy to see a sign saying "on our hols, back in 2 weeks".  Maybe our next plan was better, can't remember now.  Not as good a plan as yours, anyway.  Good luck with the healthy eating plan,  the exercise plan and the revision plan.  

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