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half a stone lost in 3 week

I began my diet 3 weeks ago without any hope, I thought that it was going to be like one of miriades of diets I've been trying to follow since I was born. This result is beyond any expectation, half a stone lost in 3 weeks, my BMI dropped from 28.9 to 27.8 and I feel way mooore better that I used to.

This programme is not a diet, it is a miracle.

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You are doing great 7 pounds in 3 weeks! Fantastic! 


Hi Teresa,

I am thrilled to hear your great results - losing half a stone in 3 weeks, that's brilliant!  Many Congratulations!!! :-)

It's been great to see your updates over the past few weeks, and your BMI is dropping down.  

Hope you're enjoying it.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


Well done, no miracles,  just common sense and food tweaks, I've had folk say I couldn't lose weight I love my food too much.......my reply..I love my food too, I just eat a lot less than I used to!

Keep up the good work

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That is fantastic and well done! No miracle, just determination from you to look after yourself, here is to losing the next half a stone :-) John


Hurrah!!!  Well done and thank you for the inspiration.... smaller portions here we come (- :


Well done! :)


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