Despite sticking to a healthy diet this week lots of salad chicken fish and porridge and fruit for snacks .

I feel like a beached whale today ...

earlier this week I actually felt like I was losing weight ..I had a sort of lighter feeling ...but this morning I feel like a soggy loaf of bread ...

Its like my body is retaliating and saying stuff you and your salads ...I am going to make you feel like a fat slob ...

well you know what Body you can ....... .....

just go away 😃


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9 Replies

  • modge,

    It takes a while to kick in !! And feel better about yourself, keep on with the healthy eating and things will change........ You didn't put it on overnight? So you won't lose it overnight 👍 healthy......excersise......drink lots of water...... That's what I try to say ever day 😜👍🇬🇧 

  • Ike I said my body can go do one ..I know I am doing things right so my body had better stop sulking because its not getting crisps or chocolate

    it can have nice cold water ....and some kiwi fruit ...and lump it 😃

  • Keep going  you are doing really well 

  • Hi modge, I totally understand how you're feeling today... I'm feeling the same this morning - still laying in bed feeling like a beached whale! Just wanted to let you know, you're not alone! I'm told drinking lots of water can aid with the bloat. I did this yesterday, so must do the same today. Good luck! xx

  • good luck to you too DMMeg x 😃

  • I love the way you say it! You made me laugh!

    You are so right keep going forward and eating only healthy Don't listen to your body. Next time my body tells me to eat choc I will not listen to my body let it sulk. Lets b strong! I love your thread! 

    Thanks for posting!

  • Don't give up, your well on your way to beat that bloaty  feeling soon.

  • Hi Modge,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling bloated.  I'm going to give you a link to the page in NHS Choices about Bloating, just incase it offers you any help:

    Hope you feel better really soon.  

    Enjoy your weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I have found cleaning the oven and the windows have helped with the bloated feeling ....

    ate a banana for breakfast and porridge about an hour later along with half spoonful of coconut oil mixed in ,a accquired taste lol ...still fill satisfied

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