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New photo - new target!


I visited my daughter yesterday and felt really pleased as she complimented me on my new look! The last time I saw her I was 30lbs heavier so she really noticed the difference. Then I saw an old photograph of me, 20 years ago on holiday, and that brought it home to me how I had let things slip. 

I cannot recall my exact weight but I certainly remember being close to 16 stones about 15 years ago and deciding to do something about that then. I lost weight following herbal life but that was not sustainable and after I moved abroad the weight started creeping up. So for the last few years I have been close to 18 stones! 

So, trying to work backwards, I must have briefly hit a weight of around 14 stones, so that is my new target now. Only another 1 stone 10lbs to go.

Photo taken yesterday with me weighing 15 stones 10lbs - watch this space! 


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Awesome!  Well done John :)

What a lovely picture, your daughter must be really proud of you. Well done, 30lbs is a fantastic achievement.

You already look like you've lost a lot! Always nice to receive validation from those we love! Well done!



Lovely photo 😊 

What a lovely pic, you already look incredibly different! Good luck with your new target - I'm sure you'll smash it :) 

Kate x

Great pic! And you already look slim. Well done! 

Wow! Get you! The difference between that shot and the picture of your face is amazing! Inspiration to us all! 

Good luck for that last stone - go John go! 😊

kantara71 in reply to asics

Thanks Asics, it also served as a reminder that I should not get complacent, yes I have done well to lose over two stones but I still need to keep focused to get down to the weight I wanted to be 14 years ago!

Twinkle82 stone in reply to kantara71

I know what you mean,I go too Slimming World and all the people who have got too target find it harder too keep there than losing but if your determined you'll do it

Hopefully your got good supportx

Linda_Bee2 stone

Fantastic - well done!  What an inspiration.

Looking good ( both of you !)


You look amazing and a beautiful daughter as wel. Well done. 

As I have only been doing with for 3 weeks I haven't seen all of your journey, could you please give us a brief  run down on how you've achieved this. A few tips etc would be good also if you have the time.

Once again well done.  You are an inspiration to us all.

Hi Cockney Blue,

I started the 12 week plan at the beginning of January and have just finished week 11.

From the start I have kept a detailed diary of everything that I consume including drinks, sauces, gravies, butter etc, absolutely everything. I have averaged a daily calorie intake of around 1600 calories, sometimes going over to 2000 and often just under. I watched portion sizes as I noticed very early on that it is easy to pile too much on the plate, by 50% at least, so I weigh everything before cooking and add up as I go along.

I have read so much about different diets and foods and the effect it has on your body and fine tuned things to suit me, but always keeping within my daily calorie allowance.

I am still learning and adjusting and fortunately my partner is very understanding and supportive of what I am trying to achieve.

This forum is a powerful tool in helping me lose weight, either by reading other peoples posts and getting tips from them or writing of my own journey and getting praise and encouragement from others, we all want to feel that we are doing the right thing and the amazing people on here are so supportive. 

So I have basically followed the guidelines on the 12 week plan and if i cheat I write it down and include it in my daily count up. 

I suppose I have become almost obsessive in what I am doing but I think it is worth it for the results I am getting and also what I will eventually achieve :- Good health and feeling so much better in myself :-) John

Cockneyblue3lbs in reply to kantara71

Hi John,  Thank you, again, for taking the time to explain. At the moment I write everything down on a piece of paper all day then transfer to 12 week plan before I go to bed when I throw it away but I think your way of keeping it all so I can refer is a good plan.

It is fantastic what you have achieved and reading all the comments, you have a lot of followers and friends on here. Well done.

Good luck on the rest of your journey. I  sure you will do it, as I will, hopefully, keep on mine.

Well I think you look great already so well done.  Good luck with that final bit of the journey, down to where you want to be.  

Thank you Venus, Good luck to you too :-) John


Great achievement! :)

Well done- you look great!

Wow!! You've done so well! You look so healthy and happy in your picture :)

Well done.

Fantastic to loose 30 lbs! You obviously feel lighter! You look great! You lost most of your weight! Keep going and you will get there! Very inspiring post!

Looking good John. Happy family photo. A lot of loving happy vibes 

congrats John, your post is really inspirational 😊

You look fab...but how did you do it ???? 

kantara71 in reply to Janeybanjo

Do what it says in the plan - and no cheating! Thanks janeybanjo :-)

John, you look amazing and well done on losing your weight!! I'm sure you will make your next target and will look forward to your next picture.your story will motivate all of us 😁😁

That's brilliant John

Brilliant great pic you'll reach your goal no problem😃Rosie

John, those trousers look a bit loose, and you'll need to punch a new hole in your belt soon. Oh, and I can't see any sign of a belly. You're looking fantastic, well done!

Ha ha, thanks Jay, yes the trousers are a 44 inch waist and too big, nice of you to notice! The belly is there but 6 inches less of it than 11 weeks ago! I am putting off getting new trousers as I will be re-united with some 38 inch strides when I go away on 24th April so fingers crossed they will come back with me :-) John

Diane1962Restart August 2020

Fantastic  John ! And your so motivated to loose that extra as well well done it's so worth it !! :)

ScoobaSteveRestart July 2020

You are actually looking really well John, fantastic work so far! :)

Sorry for being thick John but where do I find the plan  !!! 🤓

Bluewings in reply to Janeybanjo

Hi Janeybanjo, I think John is referring to the Weight Loss NHS 12 week plan. You can access it by clicking on the Weight Loss NHS logo in the middle of the grey bar at the top of this page. It will direct you to the forum page an once there you click on the contact us link. Or hopefully this hyperlink works for you...

Just download it week to week or all at once and then either print it out, or as I have done, just print out the weekly record pages and try to stick to it. I'm about to start my third week and have already lost 5kg. I'm feeling really positive about it and feel totally supported by these forums because everyone is travelling the same road with you and understands just how tough it can be, but also how enjoyable :)

Good Luck :)

Janeybanjo in reply to Bluewings

Cheers 😀

Would love to know how you done it 

kantara71 in reply to Nickys

Stick to the plan and no cheating!

Nickys in reply to kantara71

Easier said than done.  I take my hat off to you sir.

sueper5 stone

Looking fab John - well done :)

That's great John, congratulations! Definitely something to feel good about! I'm sure you'll reach your goal in no time, nice pic of the two of you 😊 

Well done👏👏👏

Well done👏👏👏

An old photo is such a good idea for inspiration...much better than looking at scales and your daughter look great ..and more important happy

I have found some older photos with me at out about my starting weight, I will leave posting these until I have reached my target!


You look lovely and slim. Such an inspiration!

Twinkle82 stone

Well done John,I bet your daughter was happy too see you smile again

Well donex

HappyBeee3 stone

Looking great! Keep it going!


You look fantastic. Love the red shirt.

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