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Hi, I am just coming to the end of week 1 on the 12 week plan and so far so good.  I love hill walking, so no problem with the aerobic activity.  However I loath the gym and repetitive exercises bore me to tears so I will have a problem sticking to a strength exercise routine.  What do you all do?  I am sure some of you have come up with some interesting alternatives to the gym.


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8 Replies

  • Hi MW50,

    Have you seen the March Strength Challenge post that Ruth_canal_runner has set up? Many of us are doing that, and although it's early April now, the post is still pinned up, as we are going to be reporting back in the latest update when Ruth does it - I think it will be Monday, but not sure.  :-)

    Anyway, have a read through that - plus the updates, and you'll see many of the Strength exercises that people in that Challenge chose to do.

    Here's a link to that Challenge:

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hill-walking is a good strength-builder, especially if you take a rucksack.  Maybe you could wear weights on your arms and ankles for local walks?

    Also, some people use calisthenics to gain strength and Amazon have some good books on how to do them.

  • Brilliant, I love the weights idea while walking, I will give it a go.

  • Just looked up calisthenics on the Internet and watched a 'beginners' video - Mr Universe doing chin ups on a tree branch! lol. I might have lost the odd ounce laughing at the image of me attempting it.

  • How about Norwegian walking sticks on your hill walks?  They would give you an upper body work out at the same time?  I needed to scrub all my floors on my hands and knees recently.  That seemed to give the arms a work out, especially if I changed the brush from hand to hand.  It's spring cleaning time!  There's all those walls and windows to be gone over.  Just a thought.  

  • Funnily enough , I was on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors - wet room, kitchen and utility room on Sunday. I find that I start doing cat stretches and suchlike which we do during Body Balance classes at the leisure centre. :-)

  • Possibly a crazy idea - but duvet pilates might work. You are less likely to get bored if you haven't quite woken up yet, especially with the radio alarm on. Risk of stubbing your toe on the duvet doing a leg lift of course.

  • Hi Redx1995, it's all in the body memory, I guess.  If we repeat the action often enough, it stays in our repetoire.  You see something like it in people with Althzeimer's putting their shoes on apparently.  So we are going to be shod!  

    Hi Bongo4, it does sound crazy, but not sure I've grasped the concept.  It might be me not it!  Do you do the exercise from under the duvet?  If so, is this a thing already, or are we in at the beginning?  I would have to wait till Mr Flytrap got up, he's in no fit state to get out of my way fast!  


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