5 Stone Lost at Long Last! Week 58

5 Stone Lost at Long Last!                                     Week 58

Hi everyone.

I have at long last hit the 5 stone mark! It is been a long old trek!

I am sure many of you will have seen me about this forum but for those who haven't I started off last February at 24st 7lb. I managed to lose 4 stone in 7 months but in the last 6 months only managed to get one off. Mainly as I keep gaining due to holidays and overindulgent weekends, but I have kept plugging away and at last hit the 5 stone lost.

Now is the time to set some new target :) Last year I set myself a target to lose 3 stone. After losing 4 stone I upped it to 5 stone and then it all went wrong. I eventually lost 65.5lb between the 24/2/15 & 23/12/15 - so not bad really :)

The target from now until the xmas weigh-in is 3 stone. The mini targets are - 125 kg 19st 6lb (only 1/2lb to go), 

BMI 44.9 = no longer super obese = 19st 4lb & then

40% of desired loss being a loss of 76lb taking me to 19st 1lb.

I am now pretty much into a size 22 (yes even in jeans!) which is great considering that last Feb I was a size 28 - 32! I am aiming for a size 18 by October for the say yes to the dress challenge. And for those of you wondering - the bunny is still safe - still a few more lbs to go!

Phew! What an update!

I am away at the weekend so this is where it could all go wrong (again)!

Oh yes, and the flowers are from a friend (who has lost nearly 8 stone) to celebrate my loss :)

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40 Replies

  • Wow! Well done sueper 😊 And well earned and hard fought for, so you should be extra proud 😊😊😊


  • What a brilliant loss in such a short time, enjoy yourself at the weekend you deserve it x rosie

  • Well done! And you have a great social life! Here's to your next mini target!

  • Congratulations Sueper, that is a fantastic amount of weight to lose and I think it is hard to keep up the momentum when you have a lot of weight to lose as it takes so flaming long!

    I like the sound of your new goals, especially the dress, that will be wonderful and I am sure will do it.

    I could look after the bunny for you, I promise no harm will come to him, heeee-heee!

  • Move away from the bunny lol :)

  • Imagine if we had smileys, now imagine that there was such thing as a smiley with wobbly lip, well I would be posting one of those right now, right here (where there is nothing):

  • Where did the smileys go?? Would this work :-{ ? That's sort of a wobbly lip!

  • The techies broke them, I think.  They are aware of the situation.  That one will do, here is a very wobbly lip: :-{{

  • Congratulations and celebrations ( not the choccie ones !! Lol)

    Fantastic result Sueper you must be feeling really good and you do sound fired up for the next round! So glad bunny is still in one piece! 

    Can't do and smilies  so instead {{{{ hug}}}}


  • Hi Sue,

    Congratulations!!!!  This is so exciting to hear you've achieved a total weight loss of 5 stones.  Wow!!!  

    Really inspiring post, and I love your pink roses, they are beautiful. :-)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Amazing Lady ! A 5 stone loss is stunning and you sound motivated to move onwards and downwards :-) 

  • Wohoo, well done Sueper !!!!

    What an amazing achievement 😊

    Wishing you strength and determination to reach your next target 😊

  • Thanks, I'm gonna need it!

  • Great News Sue :)

  • Congrats sueper!! That's brilliant, you've done so well you must be so........ proud of yourself! 

    Lovely roses too! Hope you have a lovely weekend! 😘

  • Well done that is fantastic news. Also thanks for the inspiration. Spurs me on to try and achieve the same. I will look forward to your updates😀

  • Beautiful roses - you deserve them for a fantastic weight loss.

  • Oh sueper, what a super post.

    I am so very happy for you. 'Well done' seems so inconsequential, but I will say it all the same! Well done, congratulations and watch this....(mad pom pom waving, dancing and generally crazy jiggling 😀).

    You are a super star. A super star who gave me first quote for my health diary back in January. ' You could change your life in a year' you said, and I am sticking to that as you are such a good example to us all. 

    Have a super weekend away and keep looking at your five fingers, wiggle them and smile...one for every stone! 😀

  • Thanks for the pom pom waving :D

  • well done keep the hard work up

  • Living proof slow and steady wins the race 👊🏾

  • I could give that tortoise a run for his money lol!

  • Wow, wow and wow !!! Really well done sueper what a great example for us all. Hope you have a wonderful weekend 😃😃

  • Woohoo Sue! At last your tenacity has been rewarded! Phew, you had to really work hard to lose that 5th stone! I'm delighted for you and reeeeeaallllyyyy envious! My 5th stone just does not want to go either :)

    OMG! What a terrific journey, you're an inspiration to us all! Your achievements to date are awesome, your goals are infinitely possible and you'll have lost 8st by christmas! WOW! :)

    You'll definitely be into a size 18 dress by October and look simply stunning for the wedding (not that you don't look stunning now, I'm sure! ;) )

    Keep up the great work, bunny's waiting! :)

  • Inspiring! Well done.

  • Very well done, you must be so pleased, looking forward to your updates!


    Brilliant news Sue, 5st gone and great new targets set. Not only have you lost the weight but you have worked so hard improving your health and fitness. 

    Those of us who have been so big in the past know that what we are doing, getting our bodies into shape, is not just to look good but so much more. If we had not taken charge of our lives we might not be here in the future to love and live for a long time to come. You are doing this for yourself and for your family. Everyday we are not gaining and are getting as fit as we can - we have won.

    You sound to me that you are know living your life to the full and if that means that this part of your journey will take a bit longer, I am confident you will acheive your targets. You give so much encouragement to other on here and we are all here cheering you on!! 👯👏😍😍xx

  • Thanks Ros - I hope to catch you up one day :)

  • Sueper. You are amazing, congrats to you and to your lovely friend. 💐💐

  • Aww That's so amazing and inspirational!

  • Thanks for all your lovely replies everyone, it always helps having such great support :)

  • Hi Sueper

    What a stunning amount of weight to lose, I bet you feel like a different person. Five stone is brilliant & in such a small amount of time. 

    What an achievement, I shall take inspiration from you. Very well done

  • That is a fantastic achievement. I bet you feel heaps better for it. 😊😊😊

  • Awesome, well done!

  • Wow, you have lost it really fast.  It took me 4 years to lose the same amount.  I guess life got in the way!  Good luck for your next target, though I doubt luck is needed, given your success.  Hope you enjoy your new sized clothes.  But just for a little while as even they will be too large for you soon.  

  • Thanks. The loss has slowed down lately. Even though it took you 4 years you still did it and that is a bit how I look at it - as long as I get there eventually :)

  • Bravvooooooo

  • Wow!  As someone new to the forum, you really are a true inspiration.  A huge well done!

  • I am sure posts like yours - should be pinned posts- so that folk teetering or anxious or just starting out - can see what can be achieved. This is a very courageous inspiring post. Top draw effort!!!

  • Wowww that is amazing!  I am so thrilled for you, very well done on a brilliant achievement!  :-D

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