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What a difference a day makes......or two or three 😞

Morning. Thank you to everyone who commented on my weightloss. Feeling a bit of a fraud as this week has not gone so well. It will be a case of damage limitation this week, at the very best. Yesterday I had a eureka moment, I was at a friend's house & caught sight of my reflection in her full length wardrobe mirror. Talk about a wake up call, I haven't seen my reflection in it's full glory for a long time.  I was horrified & a little disgusted with myself for getting so overweight.  I have 9 weeks to my holiday & I am determined to lose a stone before I go

Onwards & Upwards

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Hi Suzie54,

Sometimes some weeks just don't go how we hope - so don't pay too much attention to the fact it was difficult, as you can easily move forward from it, and hopefully learn from what happened in the week.  You've still got a whole 9 weeks ahead before your holiday, and you can achieve a lot in that time.  So try to re-focus, perhaps plan how you're going to cope with the next few days ahead, and go from there.  You can do it.

Wishing you a great weekend and a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


Like Lowcal says, ( so wise) , 9 weeks is a long time, on an average 1lb a week, that's a lot, even 1/2lb makes a fair difference.

Keep focused taking each day as it comes, calorie cycling ( slightly going under your allowance  one day , and slightly over the next), is healthy and prevents plateau.

You may find storing up a few extra cals may help for special events helps too?

Just try to relax and enjoy your journey, our bodies are complex, unexpected and surprising at tines too


It is good to have smaller goals, I lost 5% in 8 weeks before my sons wedding and felt sooooo much better I can't tell you 😊 😊😊

Good luck! 


Hi Suzie, yes just when we think we are doing brilliantly those blasted mirrors turn up where you least expect them ! I was thinking of getting one of those concave ones they used to have at the seaside :-) Hey, but 14lbs in 9 weeks? you know it is possible and we are right behind you! 


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