How to "Mention others in posts" - it's fun and easy to do :-)

Hi everyone,

I'd like to bring your attention to the following blog post, which will explain how you can "Mention others in posts":

You may have seen me do it a bit over the past week, and I also noticed a few others were also using the option to mention others.

e.g. I'd like to demonstrate it by highlighting the fact we have a regular Monday group weigh-in which is run by myself ( Zest ) and the Fab 5'ers, who are Prin , suzybenj , Ruth_canal_runner , moreless , and LessToLose. Look for the latest thread in the Events section (right-hand-side of the homepage) if you do would like to see what the Monday group weigh-in sessions are like. I hope you'll join us next Monday for a group weigh-in, if that idea appeals to you.

Please enjoy reading the blog post, and I hope to see you 'mentioning' people around and about in the site, if that option appeals!

Have a great day!

Lowcal :-)

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67 Replies

  • Thanks Zest !!!! OOOH! It works!!!!

  • Hi @Frankie53 - I can't seem to mention you back though.  I will report that to the Tech team, as I know there were a couple of names that I found I couldn't mention when I tried last week...  

    You did it fine, and I got your notification that you'd mentioned me.  


    Lowcal :-)

  • Hello @lowcal ....oooo not sure it has worked for me?! will read again!!

  • I think you need to do a capital L  as it's Zest 

    asics  - I've mentioned you back.  :-)

    i.e. write it as an exact copy of the person's name, in the same print size etc, and then it will hopefully locate the name.

  • Aha! Now I have got it Zest


     I tried your name too but I cannot delete it now - sorry!! x

  • If you ever want to delete or edit something in your reply, then just click on the button the right-hand-side of your 'Like' button, and you can select the 'edit' option, and then just change your reply.  :-)

    But I am sure moreless will appreciate a mention!  :-)

  • I certainly do Lowcal, but asics doesn't work when I try it! :o

  • On no! Nor do you Lowcal! :(

  • Please don't delete me asics, it might be painful! :o

  • Aww, it didn't work asics :(

  • Zest you might regret this lol, if everyone practices on you :)

  • Hi MotherPip - I'm not regretting it yet - I'm still finding it a nice novelty!  :-)

  • Cheers Zest wondered how you linked to suzybenj i like the fact it gives you suggestions too

  • Thanks Prin :-)  It works well doesn't it.  Although I've seen above that moreless can't do it, so I'm going to read further to see if it gets any better for her... 

  • It's very selective Lowcal, I tried it, using you and asics as my guinea pigs and it didn't work! :o

  • This is strange indeed, moreless - I don't understand that!  

  • I just like to be different Lowcal! :D

  • It gives us an earburn that we have been mentioned too!

  • Now I have to try it, hmm asics looks like it should work!

  • OK, moreless looks OK from here.  Can one earburn oneself, I wonder LessToLose? Har-har, yes you can!

  • Can you see Lowcal and asics in blue, in my post LotToLose?

  • No :(

    Do you see their name pop up in a box underneath?  If so, click on that.

  • No, I don't! :(

    I've been singled out! :'(

  • What browser do you use?

  • Google Chrome! The one that the tech team advised me to change to! :o

  • Hmmm, that should be OK then.  I have no idea what is wrong :(

  • :(  at least you aren't locked out this time.  I wonder if refreshing the page helps?

  • It doesn't. I'm sure that the mentioning worked for me before though, but maybe I'm imagining it.

    It's all very well having this new gimmickry, but we still don't have our smileys back and the site still can't cope with the popular threads. I think the priorities are a bit skewed.

  • Typical techies - a shiny new toy is much more fun than fixing the old ones!

  • That sounds about right!

    Have you ever used the manny with the signpost facility? Another useless "new toy"!

  • No - what on earth is that??

  • If you click on news feed, when the page first appears, a blue manny, with a blue signpost with the title "find people near you", appears in the middle of your page, then moves over to the right of your screen, underneath the fb "invite your friends" bit.

  • Heh, what next, I wonder!

  • That facility was already available, it just didn't have a blue manny and his signpost advertising it!

    Maybe we'll get flashing lights on the like button! :D :D

  • Oh my.... - moreless - I would suggest you report your difficulties to the Tech team via helpdesk support, so they can hopefully help you.

  • I'm not really that bothered about it Lowcal, it's a gimmick that I can happily live without :)

    I'd much rather have my smileys back and for the site to be able to cope with the weigh-in and challenge threads :)

  • That's fair enough Moreless, and I'm sure the Tech team will hopefully get our smiley personalities back as soon as they can - and that they will continue to support us with the long threads - we need them to stay healthy - just like us!  :-)

  • Hi Zest year I did it 😀

  • Yes, Shortcake69 - you did it!  And I can mention you back.   :-)

  • Thanks Zest.  Good to know.  (can't believe I did it - not very good with technology!)

  • Hi muffintop67 - you certainly can do it - well done!  :-)

  • Thanks for that!

  • You are very welcome, mamiyou :-)

  • Well Zest another new thing. By the way, folk keep mentioning not having 'smilies', but I have seen them in some posts and appear to be able to use them myself although I don't know if anyone else can see them 😀😀😀 can you?

  • I think, Mouse, that your smilies are generated by your phone/tablet and not from the site, but I'm not very technical and could easily be wrong :)

  • I add the smilies from my iPad just like typing a letter or word. Please excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean about being generated from the site? 

    Puzzled Mouse

  • I'm probably even more ignorant than you Mouse, but the smileys that aren't working are the ones that the site (I think) generates from colons and brackets ie a smile is colon, closed bracket, a sad face is colon, open bracket etc. 

    I believe you click on a smiley in its entirety, which then becomes part of your text.

    I hope this make some sense to you Mouse, but even then, I couldn't swear that the content is correct :)

  • Thanks for that moreless and thanks for spelling smileys correctly, what was I thinking? Daft old woman I am.

  • To be honest Mouse, I think both spellings are correct. I keep changing my mind how to spell the word, because by the rules of spelling, smilies should be correct! :)

  • I feel,like we are playing Ping pong between this and the Say Yes to the dress thread moreless 😃

  • And that we're the only 2 people on the site! :D

  • That made me laugh out loud - I put it in full as the first time I saw LOL I thought it meant lots of love, and I don't want to give you the wrong idea ...

  • LOL!!! :D :D

  • No, you are NOT a daft old woman, Anon-E-Mouse - definitely not - you are lovely!  :-)

  • Hi Anon-E-Mouse - I am hoping that the Tech dept can help to get my smiley's back, as I can't do them currently - here I'll try to smile at you :-)

    I don't think it will work.  But I am continuing to put them out there like I used to do them, so that hopefully they'll suddenly 'return' and the world will be a brighter place. 

    You are very clever that you can do them.  

    Lowcal :-)

  • Not clever Zest my iPad does it for me - so the iPad is clever, I only touch the smiley to add it. On yours I see this :-) I presume that is supposed to turn into a smiley automatically through the site. I guessed they were smiles because that's kinda what they looked like. Anyway as you can't do them at the mo, can you copy and paste from those of us who can? Perhaps that would work. Here's some to try with.


  • Hi Anon-E-Mouse - I think you and your iPad are clever.  

    Thanks so much for the offer of the smilies - I must practise using some of yours...


    Lowcal 😃

    p.s.  Yes, that felt so much better...!!!!  


  • Glad I could help. Have some more, I don't charge 😃😃

    👍 😃 😄 😊 😁 😂 😃

    And now I'm going to 😴😴😴💤💤💤 Goodnight.

  • Thank you! 👍 😃

  • Hi Zest, looks like this is working to name you but not myself, @Ros1🤔

  • Ros1 its worked for me Prin and I can tag myself 

  • Hi Ros1 - I can mention you too - I think it's because you put a smiley next to your name - did you see the drop box when you typed your name?  

    Maybe try again, and if it doesn't work, then report it to the Tech team?

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Zest, the drop box did come up as I typed my name but mine was not shown. I'll have another try and if I'm still having problems I'll report it to the Tech team Ros1, brilliant success . 😀

  • Great Ros1 - like you say, yours is working now too.  Really good! :-)

  • Useful. Many thanks :)

  • Hi Gonnadoit - glad you find it useful.  :-)

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