I was so excited to actually feel comfy enough to purchase some proper gym wear, nice pair of leggings (3/4 lenght) and a top.

Yay 14 size leggings was size 16/18 and size 12 top was 14/16.  Felt real comfy even wore them today.

Got home still wearing them to show my husband his words were " That tops too tight showing your belly and the pants look horrid are they not too tight"

Yes my belly does show a little but fits perfect everywhere else so why get the next size up that would be too big and the pants have lots of room.  But guess who now feels self conscious and not sure about wearing them again for a while.



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17 Replies

  • Just go strut your stuff honeybun, never mind him !! Lol

    Too big gym wear is not a good look, can't have them falling down !!


  • Being a man... I would say this means... Geez you're starting to look very sexy! I don't really want every man at the gym gawking at you! Take it as a compliment :)

  • Did you slap him??!! Blooming heck!!! It's fab you feel confident to wear gym ware, go you! Stuff him!! 😊😊😊

  • At least he noticed you were wearing something new and didn't just grunt! Good job he noticed your belly now as that will be gone soon so he would have missed his chance. 

    All women (can't talk for men) in my experience feel self conscious in the gym whatever their size and shape. Everyone thinks they are being looked and judged but I honestly think all the people there are too busy holding in wind when they squat, trying to 'glow' prettily instead of dripping sweating, and hoping they don't collapse on the stair machine. 

    Every girl can, so you just go and do your thing girl!!!😀

  • Oh sprout that made me laugh out loud...So true!

  • Oh god, what charm school did your husband go to?

    Turn the tables on him Wendy and start to make comments about his appearance and do not stop wearing them, in fact wear them every day all day :-) 

  • Hrmph, I guess he is taking you shopping for some more gear, then?  You can buy compression leggings and tops, apparently.  Stops any jiggle, I am thinking about them for when I go out in public, LOL!

  • Oh he is going to pay in fact I need another 3 tops and pair of leggings.  Esp seeing sportsdirect have a big sale on fitness/ running clothes.

    I do feel good in them, amazing how clothes can make you feel plumpy, so so or real good. 

    Thanks for advice and calm down


  • Don't you dare stop wearing them! You felt fine buying them and were happy and comfortable in them.  Gym wear is supposed to be fitted and if you had bought a bigger size it would be too big in no time as you lose more weight.  You should feel proud to show off your slimmer figure.

  • Go girl! Ignore him!

    I remember years ago buying some black leggings -you know the ones with the stripes down the sides of the legs, and saying to my husband " do I look like sporty spice " to which he replied " yeah you do a bit - round the eyes!! "  nice!! I laughed anyway! :)

  • Ignore the stupid man he is just worried if you get too tasty you will trade him in for a better model ;)

  • Sounds like hubby has got his own issues. You are awesome. Bet you look fab.

    In life, a wise man once told me (yes, he really did) that there are people who help you grow and there are people who chop you down. Surround yourself with people that nurture your soul and appreciate your awesomeness. All the best and good luck.

  • Am with everyone else, that charm offensive was clearly brought on by fear and jealousy....even if he doesn't know this.

    When my husband (who was trim to start with) started a new exercise routine and lost all his fat, he looks like a super fit athlete now, I remember looking at him in his super tight exercise stuff and feeling spiteful comments forming in my mind. I felt really cross and put out and wanted to be mean.

    I hate to admit I felt like that.  I didn't however say them out loud but was so close. I did however proceed to be very grumpy with him. However they were formed out of fear (why on earth would he want me in his arm when he looks like that?) And jealousy (why can't I focus like that? Two positive changes and lots of determination and he did it).

    Now he is my inspiration and I realise rationally that he did this change for him and for his health not to bag a new bird! He is very proud of his body however, and I secretly think he does love a little pose (see, little spiteful comments still float about!) 

    I have just learnt to be proud of it too!

    So keep going and make him proud. 😀

  • Also I should add when we met he was the one with the pot of a tummy, chubby cheeks and double chin while I was slim and toned. He used to say he was fighting above his weight when he bagged me. Ha! That is certainly not the case now!!

    But by August...😉

  • That is a very honest admission ... brilliant, good for you!!

  • Arrgghh.  They do have a way with words don't they?!!  

    Shame he didn't share your joy at being able to wear smaller sizes. But I think that most of the time we girls are our own worst critic, so if you feel good in them ( even up against those other fit gym bunnies), then go with how YOU feel, not him.

    PS  have to ask,  how would his belly look in lycra I wonder? 😊

  • Not good at all would not like to put that image in anyones mind. Haha

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