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I am so grateful for all of your replies and advice. You actually have no idea how helpful this support from you all helps. Ok  I thought I would put in a wee bit more as I think my post was a bit vague. Because I am still learning about this, it is taking a bit of getting used to. Anyway here goes.

I drink loads of liquid water or sugar free. I do not drink tea or coffee or even alcohol at the moment. I drink constant to the point that I even carry a bottle of water around in my bag. I am using My Fitness Pal app which I love because it is showing me my downfalls and it is snacking. However, to be totally honest, snacking was ALWAYS my downfall. What the app is doing is not "allowing" me to go over my daily allowance because I am keeping within the amount. It is also reinforcing to me what I already know and that is that snacking is what I need to change. Perhaps a little of what I eat may help people to help me.

I don`t eat meat or chicken and haven`t done so for 37 years. I only ever eat veg , fruit, cereal , rice, bread and pasta. This is also another reason I know that my downfall is snacking. Because I am looking for an alternative to what I am already eating. Any ideas anyone and yeah I know it is a tricky one. I also comfort eat when I am stressed. Anyway, like I said I know my downfall I just need to fix it. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

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It must be difficult being vegetarian and not eating nuts or lentils 😞 But your body needs protein so I think it's important to find another source. Nuts can upset my stomach too but a few well cooked lentils seem to be ok 😊 Also there are other beans and pulses, the trick is to make sure they're well cooked. Do you use quorn? Many people like it. Or dairy? Perhaps you are vegan. Maybe someone else can offer more nutritional advice. 

Good luck


"Drinking constantly" is a little bit of a worry, any type 2 diabetes in your family?

I try not to snack, but will have a few nuts sometimes. Have you tried chickpeas or quinoa to get some more protein into your diet?

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The drinking loads is a side effect of medication that I am on, which I need to take so catch 22. At least I am not dehydrated lol 

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Have you tried soaking nuts overnight? It seems to make them easier to digest.


Hi Ollio,

I don't know if you are perhaps vegan in your food choices, but if so, have a look at this link page from the NHS website:


It has some good food suggestions to provide you with the nutrients your body would need whilst on a vegan diet.

Hope it's helpful.

Lowcal :-)


I allow for snacks within my calorie allowance as, like you, I am a snacker too!

What is your calorie allowance according to the BMI chart?  Can you include more, I find with a vegan diet, we can consume slightly (not too much) extra to compensate for the higher fibre of our foods.

Don't worry too much about where you are getting your protein, either, it is in everything, even bananas and potatoes and cabbages and fruits as well as pulses, beans and grains.

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it seems you eat a lot of carbs ...do you eat protien based foods such as tofu or Quorn ?

protien can hel you keep 'fuller' for longer


One thing that might help with both the snacking and your low intake of protein might be chickpeas.  Once cooked (or canned) try frying or baking them with your favourite flavourings and then eating them like roast peanuts.  I like them with curry spices, or with chilli.  Salt, black pepper and sumac are quite nice too.  If you include them in your daily plan, you will be able to snack and keep within your kcal total.  


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