End of week 11- Overweight!

Today is the end of my eleventh week and I have lost 30lbs. I now weigh 15st 10lbs which means I have shifted from Obese to Overweight in the BMI zones :-) I have also got into double figures on the metric scale, now at 99.8 kgs. Great incentive never to go back and I am now looking forward to try and reach 15 stones before I go on holiday on 24th April, I initially wanted to reach 16 stones by then so fingers crossed :-) John


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42 Replies

  • Hi John - you are surpassing yourself! Well done. Fantastic achievement. There is no stopping you 😊😊

  • Cheers Lizzy, I know 10lbs more in the next 24 days is a tough target but I am determined to get there !

  • What a result, John!  Well done, that's a real achievement - and you will be ready for that holiday in April. Onwards and downwards!  :)

  • Well done, that's fantastic 

  • Wow 😊 Well done John! Not only the garden but your waistline too has been trimmed 😂  Very well done 😊

  • Thank you Anna,

    Yes the inches are coming off. I have some old clothes, where we are going to for holiday, that are size 38 inches waist so I will be really chuffed if I get into them, I nearly threw them out last September :-) 

  • Wow that's great! Congratulations!

  • Hi John,

    Wow, 30 pounds - that is fantastic!!!!  :-)  You're well into those 15's now, and you've reduced by a whole BMI zone.  That is amazing - really well done.  :-)  Double figures on the metric scale too - so many satisfying transitions.  :-)

    Not long now till your holiday.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you Lowcal and for all of your help and encouragement too.

  • Congratulations John, that's fantastic! Well Done! 😊 

  • Woweee...... John that's fantastic!!! You've done so well! I've no doubt you'll get to 15st by your holiday! You're an inspiration to us all and your always so supportive too! X 

  • Fantastic well done x

  • Well done mate :)

  • Brilliant John  - what a great result :)

  • Fantastic news - well done.  I have another 3 stone to go to get to merely overweight - you give me hope!

  • Thank you, you  can do it one step at a time, setting smaller targets on the way and suddenly you will be merely "overweight" - just like me :-) Onwards and downwards !

  • That's a lot of blubber to shift..well done. Have a lovely holiday and then straight back on it eh!

  • Well I hope to keep on the straight and narrow whilst I am away, as it is our own place where we are going, so a healthy mediterranean diet for 5 weeks, but then there is always the wine ........ :-( John 

  • Sounds lovely 😊 I'm sure if I lived near the Med I would be slim, all the lovely fresh fruit and veggies 😊🌞😊

  • Yes but it is also all the lovely kebabs and beer as well !

  • Haha 😊 Yes, there is that . . . You will just have to walk it off 😊 Or swim? Will the sea be warm enough? I go to Spain on 17th May, hoping to go in swimming without frightening the locals!! Lol 😂

  • 30lbs - that is like giving birth to quads!  A huge weight off your back and knees - your family won't recognise you.  Certainly very inspiring for the rest of us.  You can even have your wine and kebabs so long as you swim, snorkel, climb hills and dance the night away etc ....😊 

  • Yes DD I have noticed how much better my knees and back are since losing the weight :-) 

  • Woohoo John! WTG you! A very well deserved result! :)

    I shall be keeping everything crossed for you getting shot of those 10lbs before your hol and will be waving my pom poms wildly when you achieve it! :)

    Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration to us all :)

  • Thank you moreless and for your advice and support too! 

  • Always my pleasure John :)

  • That's fantastic progress John very inspiring :) Coming right behind you on metric scale's double figures -but very far from BMI Overweight zone :(  Katty 

  • Woo-hoo!  That is fantastic news, merely overweight is so much better than obese.  Good luck for your next goal - I am sure you will do it!

  • Fantastic weightloss John. Also you must feel great now you have dropped into a lower BMI zone. Here's to the new fitter, lighter, healthier you! Roll on 24th April.

  • Thanks Muffintop, The BMI is something I am not a great advocate of but it is another box to tick! 

  • Fantastic to loose 30 lbs! I bet you feel so much lighter! All that gardening and eating healthy.

    You will definitely loose all get to 15 by the time your holiday rolls around! You will do it!

  • Awesome!  Well done John, great job!👏👏👏

  • Brilliant John for reaching two more big targets, all best wishes for getting down in the 15s. Those 38 waist clothes must be calling to you, THEY WILL FIT YOU, and with all your new energy I'm sure you'll relish your time in the sun.

    Ros1 xx

  • Thanks Ros1, I couldn't have done it without you all! The help, support and motivation of the forum members is incredible, even indirectly, by reading other posts and seeing how others are overcoming their own battles and picking up little tips to keep you going when you feel like giving up. I am now lighter than I have been for over ten years and really believe I can continue downwards to new dizzying lows :-) John 

  • That is fantastic John! Well done you :) x

  • John this is brilliant !

  • That is wonderful news. You should feel very proud of your achievement - sustainable weight loss. You will need a new profile pic! Your example helps inspire me as I am still much further back but on the same path. Already my trousers are loose and tying my shoelaces isn't such a feat. Enjoy your holiday.

  • Well done John. I look for and read your posts, you are an inspiration. I hope I can do it too. Thank you. 

  • Thank you Cockney Blue. And from one cockney to another - You can do it! :-)

  • Thank you, have a great holiday. 

  • What an inspiration you are - hope everything goes well.

  • Well done that's a great result in 11 weeks 😊

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