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I have been trying to do the vote poll thing and am stuck. Also I have been using the My Fitness Pal app which I am finding extremely useful when watching the calorie counting thing. I have noticed that I am having most problems with my snacking. I am not going over the calorie intake at all, ( for me it is 1,200) but my snacking is what is taking up most of my allowance.Breakfast , dinner , lunch all spot on. I am looking for some good ideas on low fat snacks so I am not going to be hungry.I feel sometimes I am still hungry which is my downfall. But at least I am able to identify it easy where I am going wrong and change it. Any ideas people? I don`t like lentils or nuts as the kill my stomach. Any help would be greatly appreciated 


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  • I've used fitness pal today for the first time and was surprised by the snacking I was doing which I aim to  work on.  Can't offer advice but I thought of trying carrots celery home made houmous. 

  • I think carrots, celery and apple bits are good to have on hand. And yoghurt with fruit, maybe blended like a smoothie? Also, hummus is a wonderfully filling dish, but if you have problems with nuts and lentils, hummus may be too rough. Try it for breakfast. My son likes vegan foods and we have hummus and veggies for the first meal of the day. Very filling, but if your stomach is sensitive... Hummus is easy to make- with a hand-held mixer, open a packet of ready prepared chickpeas, add garlic and a wee bit of olive oil and lemon juice. Voilà. Simple and filling.

  • Maybe look at what you are eating for your meals rather than looking at what you can snack on? It seems that whatever you are eating is not satisfying you. Also double check your calorie allowance and make sure you are not under eating there. 

  • Yes, I agree with John, make sure you are eating enough at mealtimes, some protein and low gi carbs for example. 

    Good luck 

  • Grilled zucchini crisps are perfect for a low calorie snack. 200g (as in a big bag of potato chips) is less than 60 calories :) 

  • I try to have a batch of homemade chunky veg soup in the fridge. A quick cup of that makes you feel full and content but is very low calorie.

  • Hi Ollio,

    Have you seen the section about Healthy Snacks towards the top of this Recipe post?  There are several links there which might be helpful for your snack selections?

    Lowcal :-)

  • If you are not feeling satisfied you might try switching to the Low Carb High Fat diet.  It is not for everyone, but I am finding it not only works, but also removes my need for snacking altogether, as the fat in the diet makes you feel full up and the lack of carbs means you don't get the sugar highs and lows.

  • I switched to LCHF three weeks ago it is going OK and I am feeling well on it. I had already started to reduce the amount of carbs I was having and I never felt a need to snack either before LCHF or after. I think it is about planning and finding out what fills you up enough within your calorie allowance. My weight loss is slightly more, being on low carbs, but I have had to work out the fat intake carefully ..

  • U can have raw veg like carrots, cucumber or sweet pepper or celery sticks. I also have eggs boiled incase I get hungry. Good luck xxx

  • Have you ever thought that you might not be hungry but just need to have a drink of water? I follow Freedom Eating, and one of the things I always do is decide whether I am actually hungry or not by having a drink of water. I try (don't always succeed but then I'm only human) to only eat when hungry on a scale of 6 (1-10), I then have a drink of water and if that satisfies me I know it was more dehydration. If that doesn't satisfy me then I will have something to eat and only eat until I get to the  "sigh" feeling rather than the groan of being too full! I'm quite happy to leave food on the plate and will remove my plate (or if in a restaurant cover the plate with my napkin and push it away).

    Alot of people mistake thirst for hunger and so always try a drink of water first :)

  • Yeah I have thought of that. However I dont drink tea or coffee or even alcohol at the moment and I constantly guzzle water. I even carry a bottle around in my bag.Snacking has ALWAYS been my downfall, am just looking at healthy options now . But thanks xx 

  • Hi again Ollio,

    Sorry, I meant to give you a link to the Poll, as I noticed you'd mentioned getting 'stuck' with the 'vote Poll thing' - so hope having this link helps you:

    Lowcal :-)

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