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Help my eating is out of control


Help me with your words of wisdom. I've been coming home from work each day and sitting watching tv locked in my room whilst consuming at least 3000 calories. The weight is piling on which is getting me down. I feel like any little thing sets me off at the moment and just can't seem to change the path i've taken. I know lots of ways to stop this behaviour but seem to self sabotage my chances. Does anyone else find it hard not to feel sorry for themselves and be strong when you just want comfort.

I am in my late 30's, have a lot to be happy about but still seem to need to binge.

Your advice may just help me change my ways.

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Sorry you are suffering...........distraction from food is key, it can't and won't solve anything, it's just a 'fix'.

Herbal tea, great films, hobbies and friends will distract you, it's tough but worth it, try celery and water based veg, if you need to snack

flump1977 in reply to Diana

Thanks for the suggestions Diana, you sound to have experience of the same problem.

DianaMaintainer in reply to flump1977

I used to a while back, I have the most beautiful sweet natured cat, who is great for stress relief........and love.

I also have fab friends too and don't night nibble!

What about a hobby? Or as the longer daylight is coming back take yourself out for a stroll a little bit of gentle exercise will help you feel a bit better ☺

flump1977 in reply to Zoe76zoe

Thanks for your help Zoe. A hobby is exactly what I need. I not doing anything other than work, watching tv and surfing the internet. I work outdoors all day, being active so really tired when I get home and this is why I creep into bed to feel comfortable and less pressure.

DianaMaintainer in reply to flump1977

I'm on my feet all day too, and just want my feet up, sometimes a great book helps too

Hi flump1977.  I guess you need to try and find other ways to make yourself feel better and not to rely on food.  Could you try painting your nails? (Can't eat with wet nail varnish!) Chilling in the bath? Can you go out for a walk now the nights are a bit lighter? Could you maybe brush your teeth once you have had dinner and that way food will taste minty and not be so appealing. Maybe try not to stay in your room but get out and see a friend so that you are trying to change the habit you seem to have got yourself into.  I know it is much easier said than done. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestions Muffintop67. I am going to try them all.

I think a walk is a good idea and I need to do more of that as healing from a broken leg. It is the habit breaking part I feel scared to do, I'm worried there won't be the comfort I seem to crave in anything else.

Maybe try to take comfort in knowing that you are being more healthy and not putting on more weight if you are not binging. Once you eat less you will likely have more energy and could feel like doing more and getting out and that may help break the cycle too. Be strong, I am sure you will be able to break this habit.

hi Flump,

Seems like you need to change your routine.

Once you finish work try doing or going somewhere else, maybe to the gym or for a swim and try and buy stuff that is healthy to snack on rather than what you are eating or drinking now. And don't watch TV all night, try the radio or music whilst you prepare your healthy evening meal or lunch for the following day.

We can give you words of wisdom but in the end it is down to you. Give the 12 week plan a try and read the posts on here, there will be so many who can relate to what you are going through and will help and support you every day. 

Come on girl, you can do it! 

Hello flump1977. Been there done that. I was binging on junk food every day after work just a month ago, doing self-sabotage. I'm also in my late 30's. Try the NHS 12 week plan, it's a lifechanger. I'm on week two and haven't binged since.

Good book, hot drinks and catching up with people I haven't spoken to in ages are my key distractions. Good luck x


All I can do is agree with posts above, hobbies and the 12 week plan.  I wanted to lose a stone and a half and I've shed half a stone and I'm on week 4.  The Monday morning weigh-in is a strong motivator and everyone is really supportive and kind.

Try it, I was shovelling chocolate like it was going out of fashion before I started this.  I've got a favourite old top out of the cupboard that I haven't worn since having children and I look at it most days, it helps with the motivation too.

I've found that if you can get past the first 3-4 days, the cravings for junk food (chocolate/cake in my case) become a lot less intense.  Maybe think of a nice non-food reward and try to have no junk food in the house and keep all food out of sight and in the cupboards (except fruit).

Good luck!

Don't give up and take on board the amazing words of support you get from the forum. I've been using this regularly since starting it nearly 2 weeks ago.  I have picked up some valuable tips and have put them into practice.  Today I tracked all my food and drink on fitness pal, was advised by another member.  It's easy to use and made me realise for the first time where I was going wrong and that I  go for the high fat stuff.  Give yourself time and keep reading and trying out suggestions. It's working for me and I'm coming out from the rut I was stuck in.  Keep going 

Hidden1 stone

I guess you are buying the junk food. Do an online shop instead so you're not tempted. And when you get home from work, come on here instead 😊😊

I believe in sugar free jellies and sugar free gum. 

More importantly, before I could start my journey I needed to find myself and my self confidence.  Somehow, somewhere it left and I was left with a feeling of no point.  I used the self referral system that most areas now have and did talking therapy.  A time that is just for you to really moan and get it all out with a therapist who has heard it all before and understands. 

As other have said, we tend to be self destructive, to stop being like that you need to be able to love yourself and stop the negative thoughts, mostly, about what we think others think about us.  We don't deserve to complain etc.  You said it yourself, you are lucky in many ways so why do you do this to yourself.  You are in the group of people who feel guilty about feeling bad.  I  was brought up to always believe that there was always someone worse off than me.  Trouble is while you appear totally OK and so kind, inside the bubbling question 'why is no one noticing I need help' runs around causing trouble.  Talk to someone who does not know you, your situation, your friends, family etc.  Let it all out, talk to a stranger, it does work.

Take care


Could you prepare your evening meal before hand so when you get home it is quick to make? I also find distraction useful, phone a friend, read a book, come on here . . . 

Good habits form faster than you think, less than two weeks, try to have faith in yourself and stop beating yourself up. It's not your fault, when we are physically tired our bodies crave a quick energy boost which is why it's important to eat something rich in nutrients. Remember you are in control 😊

If you don't make any changes, nothing will change and your life will stay the same. 

 I suggest you plan one healthy breakfast, lunch and a tea that you will look forward to for tomorrow and give it one day out of your life. If it's not as bad as you think, plan another day and keep going. 

It's your life, the choice is in your hands.....are you brave enough to give it a chance? What's the worst that can happen? This forum is here to help you. Post and you will get the support because you are not alone 😀

planning ahead can be helpful, have a big bowl of salad or some nice fruit, (blow the expense get what you fancy) can help. But I think getting away from the telly is the key...going out for a walk, chatting on the phone, potting up seeds for a garden / window could grow some healthy snacks! I have taken up needle felting, you cant eat and handle wool at the same time! Good luck

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