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The cabbage soup diet

I decided to make that soup and add it to my daily menu for few days and see what happens. Has anyone of you ever tried that diet?

 It's very low in calories as I used only 150gwhite cabbage, 150gcherry tomatoes, one boulion cube, spices and some taste enhancers like sauerkraut juice and apple cider vinegar, so if I counted correctly it's just about 120 calories in 3 portions.  

I've heard cabbage is a good weight loss aid.

 Any reflections?

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I tried this, about 10 years ago. I don't find it helpful if you wish to maintain your weight after as I doubt you'll continue to eat cabbage. 

If you want to just temporarily give it ago, it might work. 

Beware though that cabbage can act as a laxative, so make sure to have plenty of water, wouldn't want to dehydrate. :)


Thanks for the information. Well my body is used to cabbage, so there shouldn't be a problem. Actually I ran out of meal ideas and cabbage was the only thing I found in the fridge, so decided to give it a try :) . I'll still eat regular stuff in regular meals though.


You should be safe then. :) 

Good luck! 


I used this a few times as a new year detox. I found it boring but effective to drop 10 kg in 1to2 weeks. I found after about 7 or 8 days I felt fantastic. Unfortunately I was not as strict with my diet between sessions and seesaw with weight.

 I am now a bit more strict with my diet now so no longer feel the need to take severe action. 


I often made this soup, when living alone, mainly so that I always had something healthy to eat! In addition to cabbage I would include any other healthy veggies that I found, tinned tomatoes and spiced it up a bit too. Once it started to get boring I would add some chicken :-) For sure if this is all you ate then you would lose weight but maybe save it for a detox or just a nice soup for one of your meals :-) John


I did this one years ago and I got banished from the shop floor because of the gas! The best bit? I didn't lose the promised weight despite the month of suffering and stinking🤣🤢


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