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Back on Track

Back on track this week and as a pledge to myself intend to keep up with the health unlocked forum. Finally got organised with a bit of positivity. No longer looking at the end goal but focussing on one week at a time. ( 1..2lb ). Stayed the same for the third week in row which is actually a bonus, but something has clicked!! and I am starting to enjoy feeling better due to healthier choices so changing my outlook. Restarted my couch to 5k today with a positive approach and did it despite the wind. My only problem was I MUST have lost inches or something because during the jog part I had to hold my jogging bottoms up as I ran.... Yaaay : )

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HI Flavvy61,

It's great to hear you're back on track, and that you've got organised and you're feeling some positivity.  That definitely helps!  Focusing on one week at a time sounds like an excellent strategy.  The fact you've mentioned that 'something has clicked' sounds really good - I'm especially impressed that you have re-started the Couch to 5k despite the wind - that is tough!   Hang on to those jogging bottoms, now you've lost those inches.  

Have a great week!

Lowcal :-)


Haha!! I'm imagining the sight of you holding up your jogging bottoms especially on a windy day. 


I think the key phrase is 'starting to feel better due to healthier choices' 😊 Well done flavvy, and good luck with the c25k 😊


I think the change of attitude is great!  Well done!!!


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