Yoga with Adriene

Just want to recommend these excellent free yoga classes for anyone that hasn't come across them - there are two 30 day courses, "30 Days of Yoga" and "Yoga Camp" as well as many other videos.  Emphasis is on doing what's right for you and finding what feels good.  A great way to tick the "Strength" box on your 12 year weight loss journey chart.  Find them on youtube on the yogawithadriene channel.

I'm doing 30 Days of Yoga at the moment - on "Day 5, Feel Alive!"

Enjoy x

3 Replies

  • Hi zolou, thanks ill have a look later! I've always fancied trying yoga! 😊

  • That does sound good, thanks for posting will have a look this week. I do like a bit of yoga.

    Is day six, stay away from biscs?! 😉

  • Thanks for posting the links :)  Lol no, but if I tell you it might put you off, since it's tongue in cheek really ... OK, it's <dramatic voice-over voice> Six ... Pack ... Abs!