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End of week 1 results

Just finished my 1st week and have lost 4lbs with which I am pleased as I had a bad day Friday going out for a meal with friends and a few unplanned extras over Easter. I  plan to be more focused  this next week and ensure I loose weight again. I enjoy reading other posts for encouragement and motivation. Good luck to you all on your healthy eating plans.

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Hi Janart,

Well done on your 4lb loss this week :)

Have a great week

Rob :)


You're off to a great start Janart, well done :)

If you wanted a bit of support and encouragement, we have a weigh-in thread that runs every monday :)



Good job! You picked a really tough week to start so well done for sticking to your plan, even with a few deviations- 4lbs is amazing!


Oh wow what a start! Keep going and have a great week :-) John


Well done :)


Great start! You are creating good habits for long term success 😊


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