Day 1- Time to bin that chocolate! (Hello everyone!)

Easter is over and the chocolate has got to go! I'm ready to be serious about my weight loss.

I'm 21 years old, dress size 16 and I want to lose weight and be a size 12.

I think the last time I was size 12 is when I was 12. I've petty much been overweight all my life. It hasn't been good for my self-esteem especially since most of my family are quite slim. It's not fun going to family parties and being the ugly, fat girl. But feeling sorry for myself isn't going to do anything and if I want to change I know I have to put the effort into it. 

I've already stated cultivating better health habits. I always have my water bottle with me so I can keep hydrated during the day. Last summer I started NHS c25k, which I have now graduated from and can now run 5k in around 38mins (though because of uni work and general laziness I haven't run for weeks). And since last week I have cut out the sugary children's cereal from my breakfast and instead have started to eat a bowl of oats, skimmed milk and one portion of fruit blended together for a healthy, naturally sweetened meal. 

My aim for this week is to:

1) Start running 3 times a week again

2) Eat healthy breakfasts

3) Get weighed and measured at the GP so that I can track my weight loss

4) Join My Fitness Pal 

5) Start regulating my unhealthy snacking to the weekend- This is my biggest hurdle I think. I have no issue with exercising but I can't seems to stop snacking, or even snack in moderation. If I open a tub of pringles then I HAVE to eat it all in one sitting even as part of me is telling me not :/. And I know outright banning myself from them won't work at all. So I want to attempt to at least leave those bad foods for the weekend and consider them treats for being good on the week days. And hopefully if I decrease the amount of days I snack that will be good enough for now. 

And that is all. Nothing too drastic so hopefully I can achieve all of this :)


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28 Replies

  • Pringles are one of the worst foods for stimulating our appetite. I find rough oatcakes crispy and satisfying, eaten at meals not snacking between.

    I think you're setting yourself up for a fall because you seem to be making sacrifices during the week. That can't be good psychologically. In the same vein, what you consider a 'treat' can't be if it causes you longer-term ill-health.

    Enjoy what you eat all-week, and avoid the junk that spikes insulin; minimise processed foods such as Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, & bread, as well as yoghurt, baked-beans, potatoes, cous cous, rice, flour or sugar. Get your carbs from sustained energy sources such as sweet potato, quinoa, whole-oats, peas, beans (from dry), chickpeas or lentils, and eat sufficient non-starchy vegetables.

  • Hey concerned, thanks for the advice.

    At this point in my journey I don't want to completely ban myself from anything because past experience has shown me that it just doesn't work for me. I end up breaking it after a few days (sometimes even hours) going off to the shops to get my sweet or salt fix. I was thinking that for a few weeks minimising the junk intake to 2 days instead of whenever I got a crazing would instil some self-discipline so if I do decide to completely cut them out then I'll have a stronger will power to do so.

  • Good luck!

  • thanks :)

  • every time you have a treat you will spike the glucose levels and start the cravings. I know that this has happened to me in the past, if I cut out sweet stuff and bad carbs, eat enough of the good stuff I can keep in control, if you keep having treats you will find it hard to stick to it

  • That certainly sounds like a positive plan, good luck

  • Thank you :)

  • Hi Afro-girl,

    Welcome to the forum, and I hope you'll enjoy it here.  I'd like to give you a link to our Welcome Newbie post, which moreless has put together:

    Also, there's a link to the Monday group weigh-in session, just incase you'd like to join in with this (completely optional of course, as I realise a weigh-in isn't everyone's cup of tea):

    You've got a great plan outlined there, so good luck with your goals and your plan.  

    Whatever you do in the forum, I hope you'll enjoy it, and hope to see you around and about.  There are several challenges going on in various places - see the Pinned Posts for more details (top right-hand-side of the homepage).

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • hey lowcal, thank you for the warm welcome. I have taken at the newbies post and posted in it as well. When I get weighed I'll think about buying myself some scales so I can join the weigh-in :)

  • Hi Afro-girl,

    That's great!  We'll look forward to welcoming you in the Monday group weigh-in sessions when you have your scales. 

    Hope to see you around and about in the forum - and hope you enjoy being part of the community.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Nibbles my downfall, I find portion packs help, never big bags, I'd just eat the lot!

    Glad that you are eating well too, distract yourself, and if need be 'save/store' calories from in the week to eat extra at the weekend, personally o find a day to day approach suits me better 

  • 'Sharing' packs are the worst. I tear through them like a hurricane lol. 

    Any advice on how I could distract myself when I get the cravings?

  • Watch a film, drink tea..........a craving will vanish in 20 mins,,maybe a tic tack mint to suck on, rarely tho

  • wow only 20 minutes. maybe i'll time them when they happen so that I can reassure myself that it'll go away without snacking 

  • Start  new hobby that you look forward to doing

  • I agree with Concerned here afrogirl and your pledge;

    5) Start regulating my unhealthy snacking to the weekend

    Is not a good idea, you have already identified that you have an unhealthy habit yet you are going to continue with it over 2 days of the week?

    You really have to get rid of these rubbish foods from your lifestyle - if you are serious about losing weight.

    Start a food diary today and get some scales to weigh yourself at home. You have to take responsibility for succeeding, and you will I am sure, so write everything down that you eat, including the unhealthy stuff and work out the calorie allowance that you need to lose weight steadily. 

    Stop snacking and watch your portion sizes too. Start eating healthy and look at the posts on this forum, the members here are fantastic and so supportive ask for help and you will get it. It is all very well running 5k and carrying a bottle of water around with you but that really isn't the issue here is it? Dump Mr. Pringle, he isn't worth it :-) 


    PS sorry if i sound a bit abrupt but it alarms me when I can see someone heading for a fall before they start, good luck in making the right choices.

  • Hey John, no harm felt :) your advice is very helpful. I didn't think about starting a food diary but it would be helpful to track down all the stuff i've eaten-and all the things I've resisted eating! 

    With the snacking I know that it's not the best but honestly I know myself enough to know that outright banning the crips, choc, etc won't last at all. I have no self-discipline when it comes to those bad foods. It's something that I need to build over time so I'm hoping that cutting down the bad stuff is the first to cutting them out.

  • I like the idea about daily pledges that Asics started, this could be the way for you afrogirl, best of luck with it, small steps at a time :-) John

  • How about trying a daily pledge afro-girl? It's something that Asics started, to get herself weaned off junk food and it's worked amazingly well for her and others.

  • i was thinking of doing something similar actually. I want to post about my weekly targets. Hopefully seeing them written down will give me more pressure to meet them. 

  • Others have done the same, with good results, so go for it. Whatever gives you the oomph! :)

  • Firstly, the words  "ugly" and "fat" do not go together and are not allowed on here  lol  ☺☺ . 

    Size 16 is in fact the average female dress size in UK I believe BUT if your BMI for your height/age is above the recommended Healthy range,  then everyone here will support you to lose some weight ... but in a healthy way.

     At age 21 your body may still be changing so it is important you eat nutriciously. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan for advice on how to eat well and move more to lose weight.

    I ( and many others) were also a bit 'chubby' years ago, and we all want you to have a long healthy life and be happy in your skin. 😊

  • I don't know my BMI but i'm pretty sure i'm in the overweight if not just in the obese area.  I have given a quick look at the 12 week plan but I don't think it's for me. All that calorie maths is a bit too much for me :P

    Thank you, it's so nice to get all of this lovely support. Makes me feel a little more confident about reaching my goals!

  • Ok, but very few of us count our calories in our heads, many of us use the myfitnesspal app and log our foods on there. Ive lost my spare stones that way and am maintaining. 

    But however you go about it, it still means you have to create a calorie deficit eating less calories and / or burning more of them. 

    Good  luck. I look forward to hearing what method works for you.

  • Thats a great positive attitude! I love the idea of progressing your weight loss plan so each week you can move it forward by adding new goals and targets for becoming healthier.  I am in a very similar situation (in my 20's, size 16, slim friends and family, and a serial snacker!!)  I started with similar target to your five and have been going steadily for a couple of months now and the weight is starting to come off (I bought my first size 14 jeans last week!) Now I need to step it up another gear and clean up my snacks even more...

    Anyway, just wanted to say good luck and keep the positive going - you can definitely achieve your goal with this attitude!!

  • Hey calm201, nice to hear about the positive progress from someone who is in such a similar situation as me. Really gives me confidence for my own progress! I will try and keep my positive attitude and I don't think it'll be too hard as everyone here has been so nice and positive to me :)

  • Yes this is a great place for support, although I see also some people suggesting you cut out/replace all the bad stuff immediately - that is so hard to do and maintain!  For me I have found the most successful way was to take a little longer to phase out these foods and gradually bump up the exercise - it makes the changes feel much smaller.  I'm trying to sacrifice the speed of my weight loss to ensure longevity!

  • That's going to be my plan, slowly cut down on the bad stuff then just cut them out. I want this is be long term to, no point trying too much too soon which may just push to give up even trying

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