Bunged up?!

Not sure how to, or whether to post this - has anyone else found themselves 'bunged up' (slightly constipated in other words)??

I'm onto week two and found for a couple of days that I couldn't go and started to feel bloated as a result. On the third day on waking up I started to get tummy pain so decided to take some Senokot first thing (I know it says to take it a bed time.) Over the course of the day, things started moving again and the problems resolved itself.

On the whole I don't have a problem in this department - especially with the amount of fruit and vegetables that I eat!! Does anyone else have this problem, and if so, any tips on preventing/relieving the problem??


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15 Replies

  • Hi Redx1995,

    There are some links here to the NHS pages on Constipation and treatments - so you could have a read through to see what might be helpful to you:




    It is probably just your tummy adjusting to changes in your diet, and may take a bit of time to settle down, but hopefully the links will be of help.  

    I rarely suffer from constipation as I eat plenty of fibre and also drink sufficient water, which helps.  

    Hope you have a great week ahead, and hope you are feeling better.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi I definitely find that I don't go as much as I did.  I guess just eating less calories means less food that will be digested. I agree with Lowcal that it is probably just your body getting used to the change of diet. Glad problem resolved itself now. 

  • I think it is your body adjusting  to things. If you have cut out a lot of bulky stuff etc. I seem to only be able to manage twice a week and after three days it becomes uncomfortable. Lots of water and increased fibre as lowcal has suggested.

  • I'm on week 1 and yes, there was a day like that. I increased walking and streching, and found that helpful. Thank you for the links Lowcal. 

  • Hi

    if you are following a low simple carb diet and have increased your veg you can very often get sluggish insides because your body is taking everything it can from the veg.  Because as well as an adjusted diet, you are eating less and your body will hang on to what food it gets and may not need to go as often.  It is an issue if when you do go it takes significant effort rather than the frequency of going.  As others have said it is also worth remembering to keep up the fluids. 

    I introduced resistant starch for that very reason.  If you don't want to start eating grains, you may have health issues with grains anyway, then if you can eat green banana's then that would help without increasing your calorie/carb count.


    early days, let your body adjust.

  • Thanks for the links and the tips everyone. I'm glad I asked the question now.  :-)

  • You may find that certain foods can make you constipated. I find that too much fruit can affect me badly, so the type of fibre you eat can have a big effect. Have a look at soluble and insoluble fibre, as well as resistant starch. 

    Perhaps have a look at gut microbes/gut biome to make sure that your insides are working properly. What you eat can change your gut bacteria and how well your insides work. Have a look at probiotics and prebiotics. Hopefully you should be able to manage without senocot.

  • Thanks Penel.

  • Plenty of water is a must I find, if veg is up

  • A brisk walk does wonder as does prunes!

  • I'm on week 2 too, and i had this problem. Coffee should help, green tea or a small glass of sauerkraut juice.

  • Hi Reddex1995

    Strawberry jam which is made for diabetes will do the trick.

  • Looking at the replies to date - drinking more seems to be an issue, I'll need to work on this. I'm definitely liking the idea of a few sweet treats to keep things chugging along :-)

  • You are right to identify drinking as an issue.  Often when we up our fibre intake, it doesn't have the effect we are expecting, because it needs more water than usual.  I have a real issue with water but I find that keeping a pint glass of water in front of me all day, reminds me to drink the stuff.  Also I have experimented with temperatures.  Sometimes a warm pint is easier to drink than an icy one.  Good luck with the bathroom for next week.  

  • Things are chugging along nicely again - thanks everyone for the tips. :-) xx

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