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Spring 10 day challenge - Day 6

Hi All - yesterday i took a major dip in my cheeriness....no real reason - just ran out of energy.  But i did stick to my calories  ( well apart for the white wine:-)  )but lost half a pound this morning - so all to the good!!

Todays challenge was to run and walk the dog - and go for Sunday lunch.  Weather was atrocious - and with lots of dithering and with some help form my HU friends I managed to boot out the door with the dog.  Hail rain and thunder and lightening.  But I now feel like top dog:-)  Cheer meter returned to normal and I am unbearable again:-)

Happy Easter Sunday peeps:-)

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Hi Suzy!

Well done for sticking to your calories yesterday.  To be honest, I'm not surprised you took a bit of a dip in your cheeriness, as you were actually buzzing the previous days, so in a way, it was probably just the contrast between that 'high' and the consequent getting back more to a baseline, and that might have felt mildly depressive - if you see what I mean.  But you mentioned that you ran out of energy, and that could be it too.

Congratulations on losing half a pound this morning!  That is great!!!

I've just read that you're back to a high cheer metre again - see - you're bobbing up and down moodwise, but mainly up!  That's great!  Don't burn yourself out though.  :-)  You've coped with thunder and lightening too - wow!

I would never describe you as 'unbearable' - we are shaking our pom poms still - not sure where moreless is, but think she is probably kicking kms in the sea somewhere - in which case her pom poms will be all wet.  Oh no!

Sorry - think I am facing a touch of over-excitedness as it's the Easter weekend.  I must go and have a lie-down for a bit.  :-)

Have a lovely day!  Hope your Sunday lunch goes well.  Talking of which, I need to get going myself.  

Happy Easter Sunday!

Lowcal :-) 


thanks LC - I think you are right is was a 'mild depressive' dip - A bit like you can't keeping firing all the neutrons continuously- the have to re- charge!!

I like poms poms - wet or otherwise:-)

Think ML was busy til tmoz....


Good :)

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Yay, well done on restoring your chipperness!


Alive and kicking:-)


I am Back - post lunch - righteous affair - we passed on the post lunch lets go back home to one house and party....

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