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Re starting exercise after a cold

I had thought the weight would pile on when I was lying in bed feeling unwell, but it has starting coming off again, slowly, even though I wasn't exercising. Maybe the earlier activity has started to kick in regardless. My sleep patterns have gone awry as well.

The time has come to grow up and be sensible. Maybe a long walk to start. There are a lot of empty pages in my exercise diary with just 'still unwell' written at the top instead of proud comments on what I did in the way of jogging and duvet Pilates, but that was then, and this is now.

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Good luck Bongo4! I also feel guilty for not exercising when unwell/too busy. But I think this is a good sign - in the past we wouldn't have given a second thought to the fact we weren't exercising - probably be comfort eating more too! So enjoy getting back into it. Hope your exercise diary starts to fill up again soon. But take it easy to begin with if you're still recovering :)


Ruth you are so encouraging! It is a good sign that we notice that we didn't exercise. You are so right! Yes! I noticed last week I didn't and felt awful about and this evening I did do my strengths!

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Hi Bongo4,

I hope you're feeling better now after your cold.  It can be tough when you're trying to get better, but it takes time, and I'm glad you did give yourself the time you needed to recuperate.  Maybe see how you get on with your walk - maybe you've already done it now, in which case - how did it go?  I hope you coped ok and enjoyed the fresh air.

You can look forward to getting back to your jogging and duvet Pilates (not sure what 'duvet Pilates' is by the way), when you feel ready.

Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


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