Spring 10 day challenge - Day 5- I am Relentlessly Cheerful!!!

Day 5 - not so good - put on half pound - due to rocking Good Friday dinner with Family.  Ended up with champagne and I did eat roast potato's.

Feel full of remorse today and my meals are all planned -for a saint like eating day:-).

I was very please with yesterdays exercise the run was fab and the walk later in the day glorious- across Devon cliffs with my wee springer spaniel.

Legs achey today - but in a good way.  Even after only two days running I can feel the muscles toughing up - muscle memory i think.  I am feeling super confident about my future running.

Rain today - Booo.  But I am just so darned cheerful--I am getting on my own nerves with my bonhomie and good cheer:-)

Tomorrow another challenging day to navigate - Easter Sunday Lunch with friends - likely to be 'messy' and calorie laden...will aim to run in morning to try and counteract some of the excess:-)

Happy Easter Saturday everyone:-)


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13 Replies

  • Hi Suzy,

    I am loving your daily posts this week, they are really great!  I'm so glad you're feeling full of bonhomie and good cheer, even despite the fact the rain has now started and seems to be with us with a vengeance.  

    Sounds like you had an enjoyable Good Friday meal - lovely to toast it with some Champagne at the end.  

    You enjoyed your run and walks, and your legs are happily achey rather than painfully achey, so that sounds good!  Muscle memory is a good thing too - you have greater confidence for your future running, and that's particularly good.

    Happy Saturday, and good luck for tomorrow!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Just checking out trail shoes...  So I can run with dog in the woods - what ever the weather....

  • Happy Easter!! 

    What a day - way to go! 

    Am feeling your cheer!!  X

  • :-)- looking out at pouring rain- not inspiring for run- considering my options....

  • Run in the rain Suzy! Just put a raincoat on with a well fitting hood, maybe with a baseball cap under the hood to stop the rain dripping in your eyes. It's hard to get yourself to go out when you can see the rain out the window, but once you're running, and your feet have got wet and you can't get any wetter, it just becomes exhilarating. What's spring without some spring showers anyway?

  • Excellent adice - just the spur I need

  • Great! Tell us how it goes :)

  • Ok now am back to the land of WiFi I have caught up on all your posts! Thanks for the updates, I love them! 😊

  • Suzy you are in such a good mood I have to learn from you. I gained 2 lbs since Thursday. So annoying. Ate out with family on Thursday gained a lb and yesterday another. Better eat healthy no more sugar. 

    My family just on't understand they just tell me you can eat a bit of sugar. They are so lucky my Thrush did noy flare up. It is just tht I have been suffering for 6 months and now finally I got rid of it. Sorry for letting it out on you!

    Yesterday I was playing ball with my son and still gained weight plus I was dancing on Friday and still gained. Well I guess what was was.

     You will still win the race at the rate I am going as I want to get to 10 unless 11 I can get into all my clothes.

    Enjoy your run in the rain! I always go out for jogs no matter what the weather is. We live in the U.K. and can't wait for weather otherwise we will never get out and than we will be ore miserable! Just my opinion.

  • BD- thanks for update - actually my good cheer meter took a bit of a dip yesterday.  Easter and family is tough to fight- go with the flow and try damage limitation on the days when you can avoid all temptation..

    Also try 'the Dr says' card -I can't eat sugar etc.  I always have to hand atkins chocolate crisp bars or their coconut one is delicious.  Filling and sweet at the same time- so I don't feel deprived and family can see me munching along with them....

    I have still easter lunch to contend with today and my birthday weekend away next week...one step forward - two back at moment....

  • Yes you are so right when I know there are get to gathers be careful until than and afterwards and than it is not so bad if I eat a little bit with them!

    Thanks for encouraging me! I love this competition!

    I love this one onwards and downwards

  • Hmmm - Monday weigh in looming:-)

  • Don't talk about it! Too scared!

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