back to week one

back to week one

I've decided to start again. I've had a rotten month for various reasons and haven't been following a healthy eating plan as much as I should. We are going on holiday beginning of june and I want to lose a stone before we go so I can wear a swimming costume without feeling like a beached whale!! So from april 1st. its back to week one and counting calories.


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9 Replies

  • A fresh start is a great idea - much better than giving up! 

    Best of luck to you, you can do this!

  • Hi Betty,

    Great that you're back with us and that you're re-starting.  I hope you have a great week, and that it goes well.  A fresh start is a great start - so good luck!!!

    Have a great weekend and an excellent week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Sorry you had a rotten month - sometimes life makes it difficult for us to stick to a plan. Good luck for getting back on track. I am sure you will lose that stone before your holiday and look fab in your swimming costume.

  • thank you. I've looked up the swimming times for us wrinklies at our leisure centre and we will go after easter.onward and downward!!

  • Go for it! Happy swimming.

  • I'm with you Betty. Starting afresh next week too.

  • I'm starting afresh too, we can do this!

  • I thought I had blown it over Easter, with the choc eggs, the takeaway, biscuits, hot cross buns, toast with real butter.  Binged on the lot.  But got right back onto it once I got home and, low and behold, a half lb loss at the scales.  Felt awesome!   Sometimes it just works!  

  • monday is day one again!! it will be 8weeks until we go on holiday and I just want to lose some weight if not a lot. Its been a bad couple of months with the skin problems I have had and quite honestly losing weight was furthest from my mind. not itching  and trying to sleep was main priorities things are getting better and I feel more focused so I'm back on track hopefully

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