Why Not to Buy Easter Eggs

Apparently in the UK alone, we will spend £220million on chocolate eggs.  Cadburys will sell 500 million of their creme eggs globally and will net £30million on sales of the mini eggs.

A Cadbury's creme egg is 180calories and you would have to spend 35 minutes running to burn off the calories of a typical 250 calorie small chocolate egg.

The Lidl's Easter bunny is an astounding 544 calories, 32% of which is fat and 52% sugars - that is a lot of running to burn those calories off! 

When I was growing up, adults didn't have chocolate eggs, they were just for children only and we only had one, not half a dozen like kids do nowadays.  Why have we all become so self indulgent?

Anyway, thanks for reading my public service announcement.

Forget about the eggs, buy flowers instead and have a really happy Easter!


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51 Replies

  • I agree and flowers look lovely and last longer. Happy easter to you too.

  • Phew, thanks Muffintop - I was worried I was sounding a bit preachy and a spoilsport.  Have a great Easter!

  • There's only hard boiled eggs at home this Easter, and that's enough for me :)  Happy Easter!

  • Yay, well done Tidirhin - have a lovely Easter too!

  • Hi LotToLose,

    I've decided to have a Hot Cross bun for my Easter treat this weekend.  I was only going to have one, but I have got another one for tomorrow too.  

    I'm not having any chocolate eggs this year - this will be the first year I've decided not to partake, and previous years I had cut down.  I still have my usual piece of chocolate (1 square) in the evening, and have that every day, and it really helps to satisfy my desire for some chocolate - I have the dark chocolate with hazelnuts, or Pistachio chocolate.

    I like your post LotToLose - you've made some good points there, and I admit I was shocked to hear how many calories were in the Bunny!!!!

    Happy Easter!!! 

    Lowcal :-)

  • I am sure the hot cross buns are quite reasonable, Tesco ones are 194 calories and just 3.2g fat and 12.9g sugars.  Much healthier than the Bunny!

  • Definitely.  :-)

  • No chocolate eggs in this house, this year. Decorated hard-boiled eggs will be taken up our local hill and rolled. No calories and lots of exercise! :)

  • That sounds great fun, Moreless!

  • We do it every year and love it! :D

  • I hope the wind dies down by Sunday, it's gone a bit blustery here!

  • It is here too, I guess we'll have to keep our fingers crossed!

    We're actually rolling them tomorrow too, as my OH has to work on sunday.

    Not to worry, maybe the wind will make them roll faster and stop the dog from eating them before they get to the bottom! :D

  • Well I'm not buying Cadbury products full stop or any other company that decide to delete the word "EASTER" from it's products, how dare they try to downgrade or erase the most important festival in the Christian calendar. I know Easter isn't about chocolate eggs but it's the principle.  Peace be with you all at Easter.

  • I know, some supermarkets own brands are doing the same.  Have a great Easter Jenever!

  • I agree !! All these things originated to celebrate the Christian festival of Easter.  Hot Cross Buns represent the crucifix and when I was a child they were only made and sold on the morning of Good Friday. My dad used to take me at 9am to the local baker for hot cross buns, then to the fishmonger for fish for lunch. They were the only two shops that opened on Good Friday, and only in the morning. I was also brought up to believe that the Easter Egg shape represented the boulder/stone at the entrance to Christ's tomb before the Resurrection, so Easter eggs were given out on Easter Sunday only .  

  • Wow I'm the only one with Easter egg and choc bunny in the house then! 😂🐇 Happy Easter everyone! 😘

  • Heh-heh, don't let me spoil it for you!

  • Haha not a chance LTL, the egg was off my my husband and the Lindt bunny off my 8yr old niece, I'll eat them sparingly, and share the bunny with my niece! Life's for living and I'll feel no guilt 😄😁🐇😘 Happy Easter x

  • I've got an egg and a little baby lindt one! I had half of the baby one last night which was what was left out of my calories. I didn't want to b left out so just a taster did me fine. The bigger egg will prob take me till Xmas to eat at that rate but I don't want to feel deprived so a little treat and I am happy! Happy Easter! 

  • Yay! Well done you! No harm having a little chocolate now and again! If I deprive myself I'm more likely to go out and buy a massive bar! Happy Easter to you too x

  • Mmmm, yummy - enjoy and have a lovely Easter!

  • Not quite - I got some on auto pilot while they were still a pound each earlier on. It's just habit, we give them to each other every year.  I know it was only one each for the children when I was little, and one egg lasted all day as we had a little at a time. I don't know how this tradition began of including the adults. This year I'm not looking forward to it, it just seems overly sickly now I'm out of the habit of eating lots of sweets daily, so at least that's a good thing.

    I had a hot cross bun on Good Friday morning from an independent bakery and it was delicious, with a mystery citrus-like secret ingredient. We are having an Easter Sunday meal tomorrow with the table cloth and candles out, for which I got ready meals from Marks and Spencer's, as they don't seem to sell Quorn there.

    I deal with a chocolate craving using cocoa powder, skimmed milk powder and artificial sweetener mixed up in a glass jar, and have that in hot water every night at bedtime.

  • Yeah, that is more like how my childhood was, one egg made to last!

    The hot cross bun sounds delicious, I wonder if the citrus flavour was orange or lemon peel?

    I like the sound of your home-made hot chocolate, I will experiment to make my own version!

  • I was given an egg sandwich



  • Heh-heh, that is funny - I am sure you will enjoy it!

  • A nice twist! It looks delish! :)

  • I've just been given a lindt bunny 😕 So pretty, will ration it out over the month I think! It was given with love from a special relative so hadnt the heart to seem ungrateful 😕 

    May just sit it on the kitchen dresser as an ornament!!! 

  • They are almost too pretty to eat - almost being the operative word, LOL.  Have a great Easter!

  • Hi Anna, your first idea of rationing the bunny is best! That's what I'm going to do! As you say it was given with love and if you keep it for months - the choc will become inedible and and your lovely relative would be disappointed! Ha ha that's my excuse for eating mine anyway! Happy Easter Anna x 

  • There isn't a huge amount of chocolate on them, really, so rationing over a few days shouldn't hurt the diet too much.  It is a kind thought from your loved ones, I almost wish I hadn't got mine so well trained now, lol.

  • No they don't take much breaking do they! I remember when I was a child you'd to give them a couple of good cracks to break them! 

    I won't go overboard, it is nice to see them sat there tho! Haha 

    My husband did say last night - you're doing well normally you'd have eaten it by now and you'd buy another! He's so...... right! Success! 😘

  • I brought 5 and donated them all to the local hospitals children's ward, i still got to buy them and it felt great to do something nice💖 x

  • That is such a lovely thought - clever you.  I shall do that next year or donate to the local food bank.

  • You are so so right! I never thought about flowers. What a great idea. Too late for this year but will keep it in mind for next year.

  • I know, I wish I had thought to post about this sooner,then we would have had time to plan differently or got in there with loving relatives earlier to request flowers instead.  I did do that, but stupidly didn't think to post here until too late.  Doh!

  • Fortunately I am not a fan of chocolate so will not be tempted.   Hot cross buns are too spicy for me and I do not like marzipan so the traditional Easter Simnel cake is a no no  -  lol !!!

    However I am not such a saint because I made a fruit cake yesterday and ate a slice BUT to combat that I did over 12,000 steps yesterday which is equivalent to 4 1/4 miles !!

    I shall do the same on Sunday - because a treat now and again keeps me on track !

    I do know that doesn't work for everyone though !

    Have a wonderful Easter everyone !!

  • The cake sounds lovely and I like how you have worked off the calories already!  I agree, a treat now and then really does help.  Happy Easter!

  • Unfortunately , when I was a child we used to have several Easter eggs. I was born in 1952 and when sugar rationing ended, sweets and chocolate were a real treat. My parents, aunts, grandparents all gave me an Easter Egg and it was not unusual to receive ten of them.  I admit that with my own kids in the ' 80s, family members also gave them Easter Eggs, but I did try to ration them over several weeks. Now we have a young grandaughter we've given her a pretty summer dress and a very tiny chocolate bunny ( her parents agreed as its her only choc ) .We're all very aware of her young teeth as well as general health. 

  • I grew up in the 60s and we only had one.  Mind you, we didn't have any extended family, so no doting grandparents or aunties and uncles, just mum and dad who didn't have a lot of money to spare.

    I love your thoughtful gift for your granddaughter, she will enjoy the dress for a lot longer than chocolate and the wee bunny sounds just right!

  • :-)  So what should i do with my especially bought Rose and violat cream Fortnum and Mason Easter Egg???

    PS - I intend to eat it:-)

  • I could take it off your hands - you know, for your sake.  I'll be doing you a favour, really..

  • :-) - you would be doing me a favour for my waist line -- but not my soul....these days I only eat one type of chocolate and only at xmas and easter----so its all miiiine:-)

  • Drat :(

  • I have got my husband a packet if sweeties ( not Easter themed ) and some holiday clothes for when he is well enough to go on holiday.

  • Aw, that is kind and very sensible, he will get a load more enjoyment out of the clothes, for much longer, anyway.

  • Totally agree, I have 6 bunnies waiting for delivery none for me and told children they could have money or an egg ,they wanted an egg but they are getting money ,nasty mean grandma but one bunny is enough with easter egg hunt finds as well. hope you are all enjoying looking at easter bunnies but not eating them . Have just stuck all disciples on simmnel cake did eat a few trimmings but not much as hubby appeared and helped !!

  • I wouldn't be able to resist the marzipan trimmings.  I hope the cake was a hit with everyone and the Easter gifts.

    There have been quite a few challenges this weekend, but I have enjoyed spending time with lovely supportive people, so think the damage hasn't been too bad (fingers crossed)!

    It has occurred to me that temptation to buy Easter eggs once they are selling them off at half price in the coming days will be quite hard, oh dear :(

  • NO NO NO!!!

  • Must. be. strong..

  • Another thing about eggs is they are actually a real rip-off! If we bought the equivalent weight of chocolate, it would cost a lot less!  I have broken up an egg to use for cooking a cake next weekend when young people (with speedy metabolisms) are here; I will feed them the cake....

  • That is a really good point, Frankie, I had totally forgotten that.  Yes a block of chocolate is much cheaper and I think your idea of using surplus eggs to make cakes with for the youngsters is genius!

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