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Spring 10 day challenge - Day 3

Hmmm - spring has gone and it is raining - I am sulking i was going for a ru today - but could not face the wet- so up and early tomorrow:-)

Weightless another half pound gone....therefore 4.5 to go.  Except - wine and a low calorie curry tonight might get in the way - will work extra hard tomorrow.  Good Friday roast dinner to contend with....will run triple the amount planned.....

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Wow lost another half a pound. You are going to win the race as I have 9 more lbs to loose. Can't seem to loose 2 lbs a week only 1 lb. 

Enjoy your dinner tomorrow. Sometimes one may cheat and will not show!

Enjoy your walk tomorrow! Would love to join you as I have not been since Sunday but will not be able to until Sunday.


Thanks BD. I am awake and ready to go- well nearly-cup of tea first:-)

Ps - my journey does not stop at these 5.5 pounds- at least another stone after that:-)


You are making me feel good. Thanks! 


Hi Suzy,

Hope you enjoyed your low calorie curry tonight and the wine.  Hope you cope ok with tomorrow's Friday roast, and enjoy the triple running - I can understand you not wanting to face the wet weather this morning.   Good luck with getting up early tomorrow, and hope you have a great day.

Congratulations on losing another half pound, you're doing well!  :-)

Still shaking pom poms and shouting your name!   Go Suzy, Go!!!  :-)

Lowcal :-)

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Thanks LC. I am ridiculously wide awake- but it is sunny- so I will go out the door shortly:-) - a run along river

On the food front- I stayed the same- that will be the wine. I am going pass on the roast potato today.....

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You are doing so well, your exercise level is amazing, my torture machine has killed me.  Back to little steps for me today.  Hope you enjoyed your daily gallop. :)

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Thank you - i will report back:-)


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