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When a tube strike works in your favour

So I live in London. The Piccadilly line is on strike today. I live on the Piccadilly line. So I walked 50 minutes to the alternate line this morning. Man I feel energized. Endorphins are on a high :) I should do this more often.  On my way to ITSU to pack up on a healthy lunch! 

Have a lovely Easter weekend peeps. For those who work: good luck. 

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these inconveniences take on a new perspective when you're actively looking for opportunities to exercise. I tend to cycle when there's full tube strikes and often see people who wouldn't normally cycle, they stand out as they're often a bit awkward looking on their teenage son's mountain bike or something :)


Well done for taking the healthy alternative!

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Good for you CurlyBayleaf !!!    Enjoy your weekend too !!

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