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Here I am crawling back again ;)

I'm back to the dieting game again....

Every so often I find myself having a 'break' from weight loss. Often as a result of social events, work commitments, holidays etc. The type of weeks when I just know I'm not going to loose anything.... Don't get me wrong I live a very healthy, active lifestyle but when it comes to shifting the pounds I really have to consciously put the effort in. So after a few weeks of maintaining my weight I've just realised that it is 8 weeks until my best friends Hen do in Marbella and I would love to shed a stone before then.... 

I had a look at my fitness pal and my progress chart to see how far I've come. I was 14st3 at my heaviest after my weight gain in response to taking amitriptyline. After weening my self off it I managed to loose 24lbs and compared to this time last year I'm more than a stone lighter at 12st7lb currently. I realised the weight loss really does add up! It's always been sooo slow, 1 or 2lbs a week but actually I'm really pleased with my progress and perhaps it really is possible. 

So I lost 2lbs this week so going in the right direction, 11lb pounds in 8 weeks is what I would be really pleased with, but Easter is just around the corner which is always hard... and although I will enjoy myself I am going to try not to OVER indulge.... fingers crossed! 

Week1 12st9lbs

Week2 12st7lbs

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Keep going!!! We can do this 😂😂😂

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Well done so far and for using your Marbella holiday as motivation; hang that swimsuit where you can see it and you will do brilliantly!

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