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How not to die... diet

So, I read this book called How not to die and have been following a veggie diet for the working week (but have to compromise with OH for weekends) and have lost 3lbs in the last 2 weeks. It has been really easy to make little changes like using almond milk instead of dairy and including lots of nuts and seeds. I just wanted to post this as I am so pleased with how it's going and how well I feel. Coupled with the lovely challenges (currently snorkeling for our 20000 leagues!) I feel very positive. Have a great Easter everyone.

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Are you still changing your eating regime now ?


Hi Jeff,

yes I have pretty much kept to a plant based diet (except on Saturday nights when husband insists we have a meal together and so I concede a little!) I have found little changes really easy to manage, like the almond milk and eating nuts for snacks etc... I have lost some more weight but not as much as I had hoped so now I am also counting calories as well as eating cleanly.


Well done I am slowly going back into it after a very naughty Christmas. I think it's a bit like giving up smoking once you've done it first time it's much easier to get back into. You have to give yourself a break sometimes. You won't believe this sometimes I have been really strict with myself then let go and afterwards lose weight?? Explain that !


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