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Diet sabotage

Diet sabotage

Help, I work for a small family run business and the couple are so lovely they went out the other day whiles I was at work and when they came home they brought me back a bacon egg and tattie scone roll which I felt obligated to eat then spent the rest of the afternoon on my cross trainer, I have told them they do not have to buy me food in the past so unsure as to how I can get through to them any ideas on how to be tactful on this

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Hi Elacol68,

Personally, I think I would just be honest with them.  It sounds like you have a very positive relationship with this couple, so maybe just share with them what you just shared with us, i.e. that you really appreciated their very kind gesture of buying you what was a very tasty snack, but you really wanted to decline, as you are following a healthy eating plan where you need to be in control of your own choices, and not get side-lined by 'extras' you've not planned for. 

I think if they understand what you're doing and why you're doing it, then hopefully they will be supportive.  However, if you did have that conversation and then they still bought you something - then I think it would be fine to just politely put that 'gift' aside, or decline it, as you had been up front about your goals.  

I'll be interested to hear how you decide to tackle this, and what suggestions you receive from people, as it is a common and typical challenge that we all face, in terms of declining 'offers' or 'gifts' etc, and those occasions turn up everywhere!

Good luck!

Lowcal :-)

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It's a big like when you go to visit someone and out come the cakes and biscuits 😕 I just say I'm sorry I've just eaten or something . . . But in this case maybe you need to be more forthright as lowcal suggests 😕


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