Sugar craving alert

The dreaded cravings have hit me hard tonight & to make things worse there is a pack of four Bounties shouting at me from the fridge:) although I am doing better than usual as they have been there since Saturday. So my tactic is to come on here to distract myself. That in its self is different as before I would have given into them by now. Go me :)


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11 Replies

  • Hi Suzie54,

    Glad you're distracting yourself from those Bounties and glad you popped in here!  I would be tempted to cut those bounties up into small pieces and freeze them - making them less accessible generally, but you're probably better off not going near them at all just now.  

    Actually I have no idea what happens to Bounties if they are frozen, not sure if it is a good idea or not.  It's just that I tend to freeze portions of cake, so that I'm not tempted to eat several portions.

    Hope you have a great night, and well done on having coped with those items being in your fridge since Saturday.  That's good going!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal

    I still have enough calories left for half a piece but to be honest I don't think I would be able to stop at just half :) I'm better off staying away from them. I think frozen Bounties would be lovely :) I have my son, daughter in law & grandchildren coming to stay tomorrow, so I am sure they will find a good home then

  • Oh dear, why do you have bounties in the house.  If there are other people they can keep them in their rooms, poor you.  I removed all temptation.  I do have my sugar free chewing gums which are not without calories because they use a natural sweetener, but in times of... that something sweet... they do. 

    You can do this, do not allow the food to control you, you control the food.

  • Go you! You can do it! How about telling yourself you are going to treat yourself at the end of the week and allow yourself some chocolate, I find eating the chocolate slowly and cutting them up into small pieces works well and somehow taste better that way because your are savouring it with the guilt.  Good luck. :-)

  • without the guilt I meant lol!

  • Resist the Bounty!!!! I would have to put them in a bag/box so that they were not visible and put them at the back of the fridge. Well done for distracting yourself.

  • Well done Suzie! I love bounties) I have just had a similar thing with hubby and daughter tucking into lovely fresh crusty bread and butter, my 100 cals wouldn't have gone far so I had A Banana 😊

  • Imagine if you eat those bounties you will gain 30 lbs instantly :D Do some squats, practice some meditation and screw bounties, they are evil creatures that just want you to feel shame and guilt. You are stronger than that!

  • Oh and if you can't do anything but think of food, have a fruit or whole grain cracker instead. 

  • Hi, I used to get cravings but when I cut out all sugar ,I lost them. I am very careful how much fruit I have one piece at breakfast and one in evening everything else is low carb and sugar free and I have found I am not struggling with wanting chocolate or cake now. Hope that helps

  • I feel for you. I love chocolate! I find it easier not to have it in the house. I do occasionally buy some chocolate or cakes for my son and husband but I ask them to keep it out of the kitchen if they aren't going to eat it straight away so I don't get tempted.

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